Niger Delta Blind Students Association (NDBSA)

Recent Events (Photo Gallery)

The Niger Delta Blind Students Association was formed in July 2005 with the ultimate aim of promoting the emancipation and self-actualization of the visually impaired in the Niger Delta. The states involved include Abia, Akwa-ibom, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo, and River states.
After a great recruitment project, the Association soon reached over thirty members in the first year of its existence. In June 2006 the Association was introduced to Miss Janet Ileberi, the first patron and inspirational mother. She continues to be involved with our association today. Through her efforts NDBSA was introduced to Comrade Joseph Evah, the coordinator of the Ijaw Monitoring Group, and thanks to his interest and desire to be involved with all activities centering on the Niger Delta, he has adopted NDBSA as a partner of the Ijaw Monitoring Group.
With Comrade’s help NDBSA has achieved recognition through many media outlets, including Vanguard newspaper, Channels Television, and Rhythm 93.7 among others. The organization has also been fortunate enough to have an audience with a former Bayelsa state governor and the Nigerian Vice President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. NDBSA has lobbied to oil companies for the institution of scholarship funds and was successful in procuring a secondary school scholarship from Shell Nigeria Limited for all physically challenged students in Bayelsa state and the first university scholarship for blind students across the Niger Delta from Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Current Efforts

In recent months NDBSA has geared its efforts toward a project that might provide for the blind community on a more daily basis. The organization hopes to institute a craft center for the blind in Lagos reflects that desire. This craft center would not only provide a central location for the blind community in Lagos, but would also serve as a liaison office for the Niger Delta Blind Students Association members who are currently based in Lagos. In addition to those functions, it would provide resources for those blind students who have come in to Lagos to continue their education or search for employment. Without appropriate resources, many blind youths in the Niger Delta are unable to travel outside of their home states, limiting their world experiences and opportunities. This center could serve as a link to the outside world for many members of the blind community and would be a great step towards securing NDBSA’s founding principles.

Aims and Objectives

To create a forum where the blind can come together to deliberate upon and find practical solutions to issues facing the blind, especially in developing countries.

To raise funds through the collection of subscription donations and fundraising initiatives to sponsor projects for the blind community.

To encourage and ensure the rehabilitation, training, and education of the blind.

To establish or promote the establishment of institutions and services for the blind and facilities for their employment.

To organize and execute programs aimed at fostering the integration of the blind into the greater society as a whole.

To create awareness about and fund the various processes for blindness prevention.

To collaborate and cooperate at all times with The National Advisory Council for the Blind, with government sponsored programs and initiatives for the blind, and with any other legitimate organizations whose activities further the above stated aims and objectives.