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The Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG) works to eradicate the inhumane conditions that exist for the Ijaw tribe and all other marginalized inhabitants of the Niger Delta region. Despite the plentiful natural resources found in this area, the third largest wetland in the world and the source of the crude oil that makes up more than 80% of the country's GDP, the people continue to live in situations of intolerable poverty as environmental sustainability, education, health care, and individual rights are ignored by corrupt local, state, and federal governments, as well as the private companies contracted in the Niger Delta region. IMG hopes to raise awareness of such crimes by utilizing media coverage, organizing grassroots groups, and overthrowing the sense of helplessness that currently stifles those who are suffering.


Is opposed to militarism both as a response by the federal government, used to subdue an oppressed and desperate people, and as a tool used by the people to motivate change in the region. Instead the group endorses peaceful negotiations between government, companies, and locals.

Demands a platform for local needs to be better understood and better provided for by the government of the people, including provisions for alternative industries and employment in the Niger Delta area.

Will not tolerate the lack of accountability that exists in all levels of government and the continual mishandling of resources in the Niger Delta area.

Refuses to be complacent while the government pillages it's own people and environment for individual gain, ignoring the needs of the country and specifically marginalizing the people of the Niger Delta region, who are deprived of all opportunities for self-empowerment, so that they might remain incapable of helping themselves.

Is committed to working in the interest of all ethnic groups of the area, working as an inclusive organization, and encouraging involvement on all levels, uniting people in a common struggle.

Works to motivate youth involvement, reaching out to those young people who are at risk of committing acts of violence or militarism, and replaces those acts with movements of peaceful demonstration and productive discussion.

Will remain politically unbiased in an effort to stay true to it's founding principles and ideals.

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