National Association of Ijaw Female Students

Educate the women, build the nation

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NAIFS is an association of all Ijaw female students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria and diaspora. It was founded by Comrade Joseph Evah (coordinator Ijaw Monitoring Group and former Publicity Secretary, Ijaw National Congress) and is one of the grassroots movements under the IMG umbrella.
The group seeks to provide a unified identity for young Ijaw women who have migrated to various universities and schools across the country and world. By fostering the leadership potential of the young women of the Ijaw nation, NAIFS provides both a voice for their concerns and allows the opportunity for them to give back to their own communities.
NAIFS is a counter-force to the insecurity and underdevelopment of Ijawland today and seeks to promote unity and peace in a torn nation.

Aims and Objectives

To encourage the spirit of unity, understanding, and cooperation among members.

To join in the development of our homeland and provide and partner in the governments development efforts wherever possible.

To foster the spirit of sisterhood among members by rendering moral and financial assistance to each other.

To promote the socio-cultural heritage of the Ijaw people in Nigeria.

To protect and promote the image of NAIFS as a noble organization and community contributor.

To organize periodic seminars, campaigns, and workshops to educate other young women and children.

To encourage healthy behavior in young women and to fight against problems like illiteracy, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, poverty, teen pregnancy, etc.

To make excellent education a reality for all young women and children of the Ijaw nation.

To bring progress and positive influences to all areas of the Ijaw nation.