Again, UK deports 120 Nigerians

NATIONAL MIRROR Newspaper- Olusegun Koiki

As the dust raised between Nigeria and South Africa is settling over the deportation of Nigerians from the Southern African country, the United Kingdom government yesterday deported no fewer than 120 Nigerian from its country for various offences.

Among the offences of the deportees, according to the United Kingdom officials, are lack of valid papers in their host country, overstay, illegal business deals and other related immigration offences.

Information gathered by Saturday Mirror indicated that the deportees arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, aboard a chartered cargo aircraft, which landed and taxied to the cargo terminal of the international terminal.

The aircraft, a source close to the immigration department at the MMIA confided in Saturday Mirror said arrived in the early hours of yesterday.

The source added that most of those deported who were young men and women in their 20s and 30s wore somber look.

According to the immigration official, when the deportees departed from the aircraft and were cleared by the immigration most of them started making phone calls to their family members with a view to picking them up at the airport, even as they made frantic efforts to move their luggage neatly packed with some Ghana Must Go bags from the cargo wing of the airport into the main gate to access any part of town.

As they waited along the main entrance into the cargo terminal drawing unusual attention from airport workers who were rushing to resume work in the early hours, the deportees expressed reservations over the way they were brought back home in the cargo aircraft, which they said was enough indication of the value government placed on them.

Scores of airport workers stopped by to interface the deportees, as some of them narrated their experiences of not knowing what to fall back on, now that they are back in the country they left many years ago.

Meanwhile, scores of security officials were on hand to ensure the situation does not degenerate.


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