You can't impeach Jonathan- Prophet Duromola Samuel

THE SUN Newspaper- Layi Olanrewaju

Nigerians see you not just as a prophet, but a social crusader as well as an advocate of justice and good governance.

Some alleged that you have been silent since inception of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration as opposed to your critical views on government activities in the past. Is it because Mr President happens to be one of your spiritual sons or why? God bless you. The most important fact is that the bible says there is time to talk and time not to talk, when there is nothing to talk about. Most of the things happening since inception of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had been predicted several years ago.

Many journalists are aware of this fact and even published them in some dailies. The records are there. It is not because Mr. President is my spiritual son. It is because there is no need to repeat what has been said. The bible says that the whole world shall pass away, but the word of God shall not pass away unfulfilled. That is why I am not too bothered with the current happenings. God has spoken through me about all the current happenings such as the security crisis, oil subsidy crisis and others several years ago, but people are not listening to the word of wisdom from the lonely voice in the wilderness. I thank God they have been fulfilled, but I pray God to be merciful.

You are an ardent believer in Nigeria. However, America said Nigeria may break up by 2015. With the Boko Haram insurgency in the North, do you still believe Nigeria will not break-up? American government is not Nostradamus, neither are Americans prophets. They are only talking about the social or economic situation they know about Nigeria. What God has joined together nobody can pull asunder, nobody can break Nigeria. Nigeria in 2015 will still be Nigeria.

There is nothing that can separate Nigeria, for now. I will continue to be an apostle of a united Nigeria. This is because united we stand and divided we fall. We will become the envy of other nations because of our population and resources God endowed us with. As a result, many countries are not favourably disposed to Nigeria. When America says Nigeria may break-up, I don’t think they are sincere. To me, that is what man says, not what God says. Most predictions you made in the past have come and gone, but are recurring again. What is the way out for Nigeria? I have said several times that the way out is for President Goodluck Jonathan to kneel down before God and worship Him. I have said several times that until we abandon idolatory and forsake the evils we are doing the country will continue to wallow in crises.

Most problems in Nigeria emanate from our leaders because are worshiping idols. Until we forsake our evil ways and do the right things, these problems would continue to haunt us. I have never been to Aso Rock. I have been invited several times, but I refused to go. I don’t go to any Government House to meet any governor. All that matters is for them to listen to the voice of reason – the lonely voice in the wilderness. What I am saying is that until we all believe God, until we worship God in truth and spirit according to the book of John 4:23, and forsake our evil ways. Corruption has become endemic in Nigeria, the authorities are perverted, but I pray God would put an end to all these.

The country has been awash with the Femi Otedola versus Lawan Farouk bribery issue. What is your view on this? Corruption in Nigeria is not just a matter of Otedola and Farouk; it has eaten deep into the fabric of every Nigerian. In every sector, there is corruption. Everywhere, even the civil service there is offering and collection of bribes. They are no more talking of millions, but billions of naira. There is need to punish some as scapegoats before this thing can be stopped. Let’s them jail culprits for between 30 and 40 years in order to stop the menace. Until some people are sent to jail, corruption will continue. The way forward is to ensure that people are quickly prosecuted.

There is need for quick dispensation of justice. Looking at the list of those arraigned for trial in the fuel subsidy scam, the names of children of prominent Nigerians such as former PDP National Chairman, Ahmadu Alli, and the present one, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, are there. Do we expect justice and fairness at the trials? I have problem with the issue of subsidy. President Jonathan said if subsidy is removed, it would be used for other things. I support total removal of subsidy. When subsidy is removed, Nigeria will move forward. As long as there is subsidy, corruption would continue to thrive. I would suggest total removal of subsidy. It is shameful that sons of prominent Nigerians like Arisekola-Alao, Ahmadu Alli, Bamanga Tukur are on the list of those standing trial.

Their parents are now denying them, saying they are adults. Therefore, they should be answerable for their deeds. However, they have used their fathers’ names to get those favours. Their fathers should have been arrested for complicity. They give fuel to them because of their fathers. For instance, Tukur’s son received his because of his father’s name. The point is that a few cabals have taken over this country. As long as this continues, the problem continues. Forget about Boko Haram. They are a bunch of criminals. They are a faceless group. I don’t like faceless groups. When you are fighting, you must be able to come out openly. When you are fighting, you must be seen to be fighting for a cause; I don’t like people saying they are jihadists. Sinners would not go unpunished.

You remember some people have promised to make the country ungovernable if they lose election. One of these days, nemesis would catch up with them and they would be exposed. Some people are just using them. There is revolution in the offing. I don’t pray for bloody revolution. The so-called big men ruling us care less about the people, or how can the chairman of a ruling party say that his son is on his own as an adult. The so-called big men have made Nigeria what it is now. There is need for dialogue. Many former governors have corruption charges against them, while some are now senators. What does this say about Nigeria? Corruption trial in Nigeria is like a drama.

After stealing about N15, N18 or N20 billion, they end up making plea bargain. They pay about N20,000 and N50,000. They would be taken to court and granted bail. You can imagine a senator in the Boko Haram trial granted bail and his international passport returned and allowed to go on pilgrimage to Mecca. We need courageous leaders who can take the bull by the horn. Without that we cannot succeed. There are agitations for state police, especially by governors. What is your view on this? State police will be abused by governors and other state government functionaries. That is my fear. Even without the state police, state governments have started using vigilante groups for politics, to attack those holding contrary views. Nigeria is not ripe for state police. You referred to the Boko Haram as terrorists.

The Americans equally classified them as terrorists, but some Federal Government officials felt otherwise. What do you think? Actually, they are not terrorists but agents of terrorists. They are a bunch of criminals. These people cannot give lives, why are they taking lives? Anybody that takes life willfully is a criminal. On the judgment day, God will destroy that person. Do you see President Jonathan being able to curtail the security challenge confronting Nigeria? The Goodluck Jonathan I know very well cannot hurt a fly. That is why he is quiet. Nigeria does not need a quiet man now. We need someone who is calculated and firm. He has the fear of God. If you ask me, President Jonathan ought to be a pastor, not a politician. Most of his critics cannot perform better if given the opportunity to be president.

How many of them have been able to manage their affairs well? What is your view on the threat to impeach Jonathan? It is a joke. It is the greatest joke of the year. I have said it before that nobody can impeach President Jonathan. Impeaching him is like telling the South-South people to go their separate way. Jonathan will complete his tenure, go and write it down. I know what is happening in the Niger Delta region. I have lived with them for long. The ACN legislator that moved the motion is a Yoruba man. He should be careful and not allow some people to use him to disrupt the peace of the nation. He should protect the image of the Yoruba before other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. He is calling for the impeachment of a President that does not allow partisan politics to becloud his action. Look at what happened in Edo State.

The moment a governor that does not belong to his party emerged, he was the first to congratulate him. He is above partisan political interests. I am not talking to curry any favour from President Jonathan, but he passed through me in life. I cannot deny our past relationship in Christendom on his way to become governor and later Vice President and President. My appeal to him is that when he completes his tenure, he should forget about second term. As a prophet, you identified poverty as contributing to madness in Nigeria. Can you expatiate on this? Poverty is so endemic in Nigeria today that you will see some people walking and talking to nobody on the streets. There are two types of madness now. When somebody is so poor that he cannot feed himself and children, it inflicts madness. Another form of madness is when somebody has too much money. Many rich men in Nigeria are mad. When somebody has billions of naira in his account and people around him are suffering, is that not madness?

The real madmen in Nigeria are the richest people, looting billions of naira and stashing them in different banks all over the world. They are also the ones inflicting madness on the poor masses. Some pastors are equally mad. When they are expecting money from members and it is not forthcoming, they start abusing their members. Is that not madness? A Bishop slaps a member, is that not madness? A man of God divorces his wife, is that not madness? How many times did Jesus or Paul marry? The first divorce we say is a mistake, but with the second, it has become a habit. Can you explain a statement you made that Warri is supposed to be a light and pride to the nation, but it is now an international joke? I said so because Warri is supposed to be a great city, a gateway to the country but it has remained the same.

There have been no changes. I stayed in Warri for the past thirty-five years. There is no street that I don’t know in Warri. I got married to a Warri woman at Warri. There have been no changes in Warri. The Marine Quarters has remained a slum. At the mechanic village, every face you see there looks like they are tired of life. The only change or difference is that people are now building houses. What is your advice to couples, some consider marriage a sacred institution, while some feel otherwise? The issue of marriage has been extensively dealt with by Paul in 1st Corinthians chapter 7. Marriage is an earthly affair, but it is very important. For instance, a man of God that divorces his wife is not a true man of God. I am married to a wife and believe in the sanctity of marriage as an institution ordained by God.

I am not judging anybody, but I am saying the fact of life. As an Ondo State-born man of God from Owo, but resident in Warri, October 20, 2012, is the governorship election in Ondo State. Who wins, Governor Olusegun Mimiko or Rotimi Akeredolu? I am not a politician, but you don’t need a prophet to know the direction of politics in Ondo State. This is the time of Governor Mimiko, like Oshiomole in Edo State. The people of Ondo State have seen the work of Mimiko. People nowadays believe in what they see. If I have my way, I would have advised my brother, Akeredolu, not to contest. The timing is wrong. He should not have put his hands in the murky water of politics. He has been fulfilled professionally. Anyway, it is good that he would have a record and make an impression.

On the international scene, you once predicted the success of Bill Clinton as American President, it came to pass. Who wins in the next American presidential election? Is it Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney? If you follow the tradition and pattern of American politics, each ruling party spends eight years before change of baton. Obama is more American than Afro-American, there is nothing beneficial for African countries in his foreign policy. Kenya, which is his root, has nothing to show for his presidency, talk less of Nigeria, which is the most populous country in Africa. The most painful aspect of Obama’s presidency is the legal recognition of gay marriage. Some people are battling your church at Owo, Ondo State, over land purchased some years back. What is the situation now? Thank you.

A prophet is not always recognized in his home town. I had purchased the land partly for development of the church as well as an opportunity to invite my foreign friends and partners to invest there. There are only a few viable industries in Owo. There is therefore, the need for indigenes to invest and develop the town. There is no way all of us would reason the same way. However, the family has intervened in the matter. All the conflicts would be resolved out of the court. I felt I should go home and do something tangible for my people. What is the secret of the recent rapid expansion of Christ Worshippers Church? The secret is the truth. Christ Worshippers’ Church is where you cannot tell lies. We have our branches now at Warri, Ifon, Owo, Akure, Otumewho, Owian, Sapele, Abraka, Bayelsa, Sierra-Leone (two branches) with our international headquarters at Osubi, Effurrun, Warri, At our international headquarters we have an Administrator, Pastor Moses Oludipe.

He is co-coordinating all the activities. What is your reaction to Boko Haram’s demand that President Jonathan should become a Muslim before they can lay down their arms? I have told you they are a faceless organization without concrete reason for fighting. Can they fight for God? If God wants the whole world to be Muslims or Christians, what does it cost Him? If they are not born as Muslims, are they sure they would be one? They are destroyers. They are in fact, ignorant. The two religions co-exist in Saudi Arabia and State of Israel where they originated. What is their stress in Nigeria? Are they not aware that Nigeria is a secular State?

They must stop insulting our senses in this country that belongs to all of us. They must look for other reasons to explain their criminalities. Is it true that Christ Worshipers Church intends to establish a Bible College? It is true. We had already started an International Bible College at our international headquarters at Osubi Road, Effurun, Warri.


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