Nigeria's Richest Women

THE NATION Newspaper- Yetunde Oladeinde

TWO days ago, women all over the world marked the International Women’s Day. They rolled out the drums, counted their many blessings and it was time to clink glasses. Women’s rights, political and economic empowerment had always been uppermost on the women’s agenda. Like a sore thumb, money and economic empowerment continues to limit the strides women would have loved to make. A few women, however, have come, seen and conquered.

Many years back, you could count women who were multi-millionaires or billionaires on your fingertips. The few who made it in this category were mostly those who inherited such funds from their fathers or husbands. These days, the story is changing and women have, indeed, broken the glass ceiling. Armed with guts, passion, determination and perseverance, they have forced their way into the elite club.

This brings to mind some of Nigeria’s richest women. Who are these women who bestride our landscape like colossi? The Nation on Sunday went to town to unravel the richest women in the country. However, women whose wealth were traced solely to inheritances and assets owned by their husbands were exempted from the list.

Also women holding political offices, wives of public office holders, those having inheritance squabbles and women who had criminal cases with EFCC and other related agencies were also left out. Welcome to the world of Nigeria’s female mega-rich.


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