Ijaw laud Urhobo over Aziza's election

vanguard Newspaper

LAGOS - THE Ijaw M o n i t o r i n g Group, IMG, has called on the Urhobo nation to mobilize themselves to give the second coming of General Patrick Aziza as president of Urhobo Progressive Union, UPU, a turning point in the affairs of the people.
In a congratulatory message signed by Comrade Joseph Evah on behalf of Ijaw IMG, the Ijaws salute the foresight of Urhobo leaders for re-electing General Patrick Aziza, adding that it was time for Urhobos to insist that they were not second class citizens in a country that their wealth contributed to its survival.
"We are grateful to God that Aziza decided to re-contest this historic election. This is not the time for Urhobo nation to be headed by cowards, unsteady characters or abnormal political prostitutes. Urhobo nation as one of the pillars of the Niger Delta must be piloted by courageous and bold leaders carrying the spirit of the great Mukoro Mowoe of blessed memory and that is the honour that General Aziza has reminded us in his style of leadership.
"If Urhobo must remain a powerful House in Nigeria, we need a dynamic leader that can represent the true face of one of the largest tribes in Nigeria."
The Ijaws further advised the new president of UPU to work hard to maintain the trust and confidence the entire Urhobo nation have in him. It added that all aspects of Urhobo nation need to be mobilized for the good of the people. "A tribe that parades intimidating world-class intellectuals and economic gurus must have a think-thank that can turn things around for the future generation". the statement added.


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