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Our attention has been drawn to series of well-funded, clandestine attempts to draw a wedge between the President and Vice President as well as rubbish the Nigerian constitution in order to set Nigeria on fire.
The operations are being carried out principally by a self-styled Maifia claiming to be the Kitchen cabinet of Mr. President and their selfish political godfathers who are playing politics with the President’s Health issue in order to destabilize Nigeria. The modus operandi of these evil men masquerading as political godfathers was that they set-up propaganda machinery in the media to carry dangerous banner headlines such as:
The motive behind all these devilish headlines was to paint the Vice President as a betrayer or a traitor who wants to occupy the office of his boss at all cost and also provoke President Yar’Adua who has total trust on the Vice President to lose confidence in him. But they have failed because Almighty God has started exposing them as the real enemies of the president and the nation.
The recent lawlessness displayed by the Petroleum Minister and Attorney General of the Federation respectively is part of Almighty God’s work to expose the messengers of the sinister masquerades still hiding, trying to rubbish the Vice President but as God will always prevail they have only succeeded in rubbishing their own image and the image of the government, although they are taking advantage of the absence and illness of the President to run amok in the country.
We want to alert all Nigerians particularly the International Community that the Niger Delta people have discovered three options the enemies of democracy are working on to set Nigeria on fire, they have planned to invite the military when other options like creating man-made constitutional crisis fails and the Attorney-General who is their agent has started the move in different ways:
They also have the option of giving Vice President late M.K.O. Abiola treatment. Already a Northern group (Northern Liberation Movement) has vowed to do that instead of allowing the principles of the Nigeria constitution prevail. We hereby warn the Vice President to avoid all kinds of food in Aso Rock villa. We fear food poisoning by these heartless and desperate power drunk individuals.
Another plot by the evil men masquerading as political godfathers is to set-up the Vice President and even his wife as coup-plotters who want to overthrow President Yar’Adua forcefully. They have arranged various manners to raise false alarm about an aborted coup plot to overthrow Yar’Adua linking the Vice President to repeat what happened to General Oladipo Diya during Abacha regime but God has disappointed them and they will continue to look like mad people in the eyes of the public.
These evil people are also considering using diabolical means to force the Vice President to resign from office, the manner Abacha and his gang blackmailed Chief Ernest Shonekan to run away from Office and those recruited for this evil project are still strategizing. We are aware that those who tried to bomb the official plane of General Oladipo Diya when he was deputy to Abacha are still in service working for the present enemies of democracy. If they try it with Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria will burn to ashes.
Those who poison M.K.O.Abiola to death are still in the service working, but if they try it with Goodluck Jonathan: Ijaw nation is ready to break Nigeria to pieces. Anybody who takes the hand over of arms by youths to mean the surrender of our destiny to the unknown will receive the shock of their lives if they dare us. We hereby advise foreign Oil workers in the creeks of Niger Delta to relocate to their own country because the tension being caused by the enemies of democracy may consume them.
The ruminates of those who frame General Diya of coup plotting in order to force him out of office to please Abacha are still in the service of the current enemies of democracy. If they try that with Goddluck Jonathan, Nigeria will cease to exist. It means the declaration of war.
If the children of those who killed General Agunyi Ironsi thought that since their fathers got away with it so they can dare the Ijaw Nation in the 21st Century, we are ready to tell them that the Ijaw through Isaac Boro were the first to enter the arms struggle age even before the Igbo’s.
We want to warn the traitors from Niger Delta claiming to be political godfathers who are hiding because they are generally known by our people as irresponsible leaders to desist from their evil ways because we know all their actions. And we also want to warn our people sitting on the fence pretending to be unaware of the treat on our dignity and integrity by a Cabal to come down from the fence and join hands with other patriotic Niger Delta to defend our pride especially, our serving and retired senior military officers, they should know that everybody will be victim of the current intrigues and scheming going on against our region if allowed to explode.
Ordinary parasite like Rilwanu Lukman doesn’t have respect for constituted authority. Where did Rilwanu Lukman get his arrogance from to disobey the Vice President not to travel out for Xmas break but to find solution to the Petroleum problem that affects the masses of this country. The fact that groundnut pyramids that was one of the symbols of economic glory of the North has vanished without trace because wicked and greedy elites in the North prefer to steal oil without even sympathy for the poor masses in the North. If we are in a sane society like Ghana, the State Security Service (SSS) would have arrested Rilwanu Lukman and prevented him from traveling out of the country to enjoy Xmas break abroad when artificial Petroleum scarcity is tormenting Nigeria, the highest Oil Producing country in Africa.
Almighty God used the lawlessness exhibited by Rilwanu Lukman and Michael Andoakaa to expose to Nigerians those who are enemies of democracy as well as those confusing and deceiving the President although we know that these wicked people are taken advantage of the poor health of Mr. President to cage him as well as manipulate him according to their wishes, it is our prayer to Almighty God that our President recovers back to
Sound health so that he can resist the manipulations around him.
The president and the vice president are on a joint ticket and were voted for by all the geo-political zones in the country and the issue of some errand boys trying to intimidate the Vice President cannot arise.
We urged all Niger Delta to be alert and be ready to prove that no individual or group of people can intimidate or ridicule the office of the Vice President currently zone to the South-South Geo-political Zone. We must defend the office and occupier, for the sake our generation yet unborn. If we fail to defend it, the insult will be on our head and the head of our children. Those who scheming to bring this insult on us are already preparing the minds of their children to oppress our children no matter the level of education we give our children.
Finally, we thank the Vice President for remaining loyal to the President and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He should continue to put his trust in the Almighty God who lifted him to the present position of authority to serve his fatherland.
Long live Niger Delta
Long live Ijaw Nation
Comrade Joseph Evah
Coordinator, Ijaw Monitoring Group (IGM)


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