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Fellow Nigerians, we recently had cause to make a passionate warning to the conscience of those who want to set Nigeria on fire for selfish reasons. The warning was carried as advertorial in both the print and electronic media in and outside the country in the last two weeks and the response IMG got through emails, hotlines, website, phone calls and text messages from eminent Nigerians including Former Heads of State, Former Senate Presidents, former Speakers of House of Representatives, former and serving governors, former ministers, serving and former Ambassadors, legal luminaries, religious leaders, retired and serving military officers, the corporate world, human right groups and the various ethnic group leaders across the country as well as the masses was overwhelming. The views across our dear country clearly show that the cabal currently running amok in the country must not be allowed to succeed and that the alarm raised by IMG is timely for the nation to be aware of the enemies of democracy who are bent on abusing the constitution to cause anarchy. In our last call to duty (part 1) we stated our findings and how the cabal (enemies of democracy) plans to set Nigeria on fire.
Fellow Nigerians, the masquerades and their agents are still dangerous and how they are desperate is not in doubt. They have other scripts that are not revealed in the first part (Part 1) of this advertorial. In our last Advertorial, we revealed part of their plot to include using diabolical means to force the Vice President to resign in order to achieve their selfish agenda, linking the Vice President to a fake aborted coup plot like how General Oladipo Diya was framed when he was deputy to Abacha in order to force him out of office to please Abacha; organising man-made constitutional crisis in order to invite the army to take over.
We also revealed their plan to give the Vice President M.K.O. Abiola's treatment, which means organizing food poisoning the manner Abiola was poisoned to death to kill June 12 struggle. We also did not rule out the possibility of bombing the official plane of the Vice President the way the hawks in the presidency during Abacha tried to bomb the official plane of General Diya but Almighty God saved him. We even warned the children of those whose fathers killed General Aguiyi Ironsi to disgrace the Igbos that the Niger Delta people in this 21st century will not accept any nonsense from any quarters in this country that feed on our resources for survival and that any attempt on the vice president's life means the declaration of war.
The latest we have discovered which necessitate this second part (Part 2) of "Niger Delta warns against setting Nigeria on fire" was that the cabal which they and their collaborators are lobbying some military officers that they have already suspended the constitution by carrying out two illegalities (1) They successfully organized the forging of the president's signature and seal on the Supplementary budget and (2) They were able to force the outgoing Chief Justice to swear-in the incoming Chief Justice, just to make sure that the Vice President is not empowered to act on behalf of the President at all cost (3) The Attorney General was able to make Nigeria irrelevant in the world without a captain .to pilot the affairs of our country to the extent that America was able to blacklist Nigeria as a terror nation because there was no President or Acting President to directly talk to the American President that the action of an individual like Abdul Muttalab is not in our character as a nation. Every reasonable Nigerian knows that America 's action is expression of frustration with Nigeria as a let down to the black race. They know that USA Embassy in Nairobi , Kenya was blown up and many Kenyan terrorists were involved in the action that led to the death of thousands of Kenyan and American citizens yet Kenya was not listed as a terror nation because there was a functional President. The action of Abdul Mutlalab took place at the time when a mere minister like Rilwanu Lukman also disobeyed the Vice President's order not to travel out for Xmas break but to fix the petroleum scarcity problem, yet Lukman jetted off to Vienna to enjoy Xmas holiday simply because himself, Michael Aondoakaa and few others claim to be above the law in Nigeria which is enough evidence in the eyes of the international community that governance has collapsed in the most populous country in Africa. The number of people who had died as a result of the scramble for petroleum products in Nigeria which is the highest oil producing country in Africa now facing endless fuel scarcity caused by corruption in the oil industry is far higher than the number of people that would have died from Abdul Muttalab's attempted suicide bombing. So the NNPC action against Nigeria where they deliberately destroyed our local refineries for the mafia in NNPC to engage their private refineries abroad to torment Nigerians is worst than terrorist attack. Therefore those condemning America 's action against Nigeria should be ashamed of their conscience. For God's sake, why can’t prominent Nigerians ask the State Security Service (SSS) and other security agents the reason why they are helpless and cannot arrest the mafia in NNPC tormenting Nigerians with fuel scarcity leading to untimely deaths across the country?
The Attorney General and his sponsors have given enough publicity to their lawlessness and anarchy-driven ambition to prove a point that they can influence military take over but himself and his group must be compensated for providing fertile ground for military take over. His view is that he and his group cannot risk their integrity by becoming obstacle to Nigeria 's progress without due compensation and their claim for compensation is as follows: A northern senior military officer should be president while a former south-south governor should assume Civilian Prime Minister-ship or Vice President. The arrangement will be extended to all the 36 states of the federation in other words military officers will be appointed state governors while politicians from their cabal will be named deputy governors.
The game plan is to deceive the international community including the United Nations and Commonwealth that Nigeria 's democracy is not dead because civilian vice president and deputy governors represent a resemblance of democracy in the new dispensation and since half bread is better than none, the international community should cooperate with Nigeria . In fact, the Attorney-General who sees his interpretation of the outgoing Chief Justice swearing-in the in-coming Chief Justice of Nigeria as well as the endorsement in absentia of the president's signature on the supplementary budget as rule of law for the World Guinness Book of Record has started preparing a-team to draft the interpretation of the new military president and civilian vice president arrangement and himself will return in the new government as the attorney-general of the federation for "saving modern Nigeria from total collapse.
The basic question, which must agitate the minds of well-meaning Nigerians, is: How were these anti-democratic elements able to hijack the presidency? These un-elected appointees and other hawks who claimed to be very close friends of Mr. President closely study the relationship between the president and his wife and they find out that the president and his wife are inseparable couple. Like all Nigerians can truly observe our president loves his wife with body, soul and spirit. 'So these men capitalized on that to deceive the first lady that in case her husband will not be able to complete his first term, they have the capacity to manipulate the system to repeat what happened in Cuba where Castro handed over power to his junior brother while in hospital and also in the Republic of Congo where Kabila' son (Joseph) was also asked to continue in office after the death of his father. So the first lady sees them as her guardian angels, these men have no intention to make first lady president but they are only deceiving her to enable them have uncontrollable access to her husband to manipulate the president according to their wishes. They have been feeding the president and his wife wicked lies. They told the president and his wife that the vice president has been boasting around that his name is Goodluck, so he will take over from Yar'Adua the manner he assumed office in Bayelsa as governor. They also deceived the president that Nigerians were ignorant of the seriousness of his illness until his vice president started sponsoring media campaign on his illness to provoke Nigerians to demand for his resignation in order for the vice president to take over that is why it appears that instead of compliance with the provision of the constitution, they are prepared to set the country on fire to show their love for him and his family but the truth is that they do not have any love for the president but how to hijack power through manipulation. After all just recently, an overzealous former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) who claimed to be a 'twin brother' to the president was running amok telling wicked lies against others in the presidency to get favours from the president not knowing that he was having his own selfish agenda when the president personally discovered his former self-style 'twin brother' (SGF) was actually after his office and the human chameleon was thrown out of office by the president. The current set of overzealous errand boys is worse than the sacked former human chameleon SGF.
We thank all Nigerians for their prayers for our dear president who granted amnesty in the Niger Delta to usher in the current peace in the region. The people of Niger Delta are seriously praying for our president to return in sound health to pursue the amnesty programme to restore permanent peace in our homeland but another of our fear is whether the Saudi Arabian government is aware that our president is lying down in their hospital so that they can give the Nigerian president the best medical treatment because this cabal can even change the name of Yar'Adua as the patient lying in the hospital to cover up so that he will not get the best medical treatment to take care of his health and return home quickly. A group of people who can endorse in absentia the signature of the president for selfish purposes without minding the consequences can do worst things. They might be pretending to love the president but they prefer him not to come back so that they have golden opportunity to continue running amok in the country.
Now that tension is building up and yet the hawks are bent on terminating democracy instead of following the due process in the constitution in order to move the country forward. The Niger Delta people want the United Nations and the International community to ask the following questions (1) who is in charge of posting of soldiers and security agents around Aso Rock Villa? (2) How many duty posts are within the official residence and the office of the vice president? (3) What are the numbers of riffles released to each official at any given time? (4) Who is in charge of the ammunitions within the Aso Rock villa? (5) When was the officer in charge of Aso Rock security posted to his present duty post? (6) Was his posting according laid down procedures or did the hawks influence it? (7) Who is in charge of bomb disposal unit in Aso Rock and when was he posted to the villa? (8) Where was his last posting before being transferred to Aso Rock? (9) Is he related to the hawks' through marriage, tribe school, religion, social club, family circle or neighbourhood? (10) Do the security officers in Aso Rock also engage in tear gas or other chemical weapons harmful to human existence? (11) If yes, what is the name of the officer in charge? (12) Is chemical weapon part of security cover or procedure around the vice president since 1960 Nigeria's independent? (12) Apart from pistol and riffle for security, are there other weapons like swords, knives, dynamites, arrows, bow, daggers or other weapons known as long range, short range, narrow range, wide range, smart range or slow range weapons that are used for security in Aso Rock? (13) If yes, are they recognized by law to be used by security around the vice president? (14) What are the serial numbers of all these weapons and ammunition? These are the questions the Niger Delta People want to know.
We are alerting the United Nations and the Internationa1 community to ask the above questions on behalf of the Niger Delta People because another option the hawks have is to force the vice president to resign at gun point so that the Senate President who has been contacted by them can take over while a nominee of the hawks will also be appointed vice president to complete the tenure of Yar'Adua administration and if the vice president resists he will be sidelined.
The Niger Delta people, particularly the Ijaws will resist this insult on our generation. If those who are using our wealth to enjoy their lives turn around to say we are second-class citizens that are not fit to hold any position based on the constitution without their manipulation then let the country break up and everybody go their way.
We cannot continue as slaves, so we are asking the international community to recall their oil workers in the Niger Delta because the increasing tension may consume them.
Long Live Niger Delta
Long Live the Ijaw Nation
Comrade Joseph Evah
Coordinator, Ijaw monitoring Group (IMG)


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