Why it is good to sleep naked

THE PUNCH Newspaper- Tunde Ajaja

How comfortable is it to bare it all at bedtime? Going to bed or sleeping naked is one phenomenon that seems very weird to some people, but to the few who do it, it is extremely refreshing.

Those who do it say it is comfortable, easy, improves quality of sleep and happiness, allows fresh air to penetrate the private part, and of course, for those who are married, it enhances their sex experience as it allows for stress-free and unrestricted access.

But, on the other hand, those who are against it are also quick to point out that cockroaches, mosquitoes or even rats could make it an unforgettable experience as they could attempt to climb the bed and start playing with or attempting to enter the wrong places.

However, in an atmosphere devoid of rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders, experts have advised that sleeping naked is healthy and reasonably better than wearing clothes to bed.

According to some experts, sleeping naked does not only aerate the genitals, it tends to increase blood flow as there would be no inhibitions around the waistline and other parts of the body.

They however noted that even though there are times when it is necessary to wear clothes to bed, especially during cold weather, as much as it is possible, people should do away with their clothes at bedtime.

They said, “The testes in men are responsible for the production of spermatozoa and it is advised that the testes be kept in a cool temperature at all times to reduce the incidence of low sperm count and fungal infections. Given the treatment that the testes are subjected to during daytime whereby people’s dressing makes the region hot, leaving the balls freely at night is better as that is the only time they get to enjoy natural air.

“For women, keeping the vagina area open to fresh air tends to prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria that thrive in warm environment. That is a kind of thing you avoid when you keep it open because just like men, the area is usually hot or warm during daytime. So, overall, it is good to sleep naked.”

Apart from having a more healthy genitals, sleeping naked has also been found to increase sexiness and more importantly, increase sexual activities among couples.

Researchers explained that the body contact does not only boost the release of the feel-good hormone, which is notable for orgasm and increased libido, it erases inhibitions to sexual act because it puts the couple in a sexy state of mind. Thus, sleeping naked leads to more sex, improved intimacy, acceptance and self-confidence in the presence of a partner.

Beyond this, sleeping naked has been found to ensure a better sleep and prevent insomnia. They found that during sleep, the body releases some heat that must be disposed of the system, but that if by virtue of clothing the heat is retained within the system, it could deprive people of sleep. Thus, they said the interruption of this natural phenomenon could lead to insomnia.

Speaking on the subject of sleeping naked, a medical practitioner, Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, said even though there is no medical proof as to the benefits derivable from sleeping naked, people tend to have some comfort when they do so. He said the body would be more relaxed and there would be increased blood flow. He however pointed out that such would boost couple’s sexual experience.

He added, “You can be sure that men would even like it if their wife sleeps naked because they are moved by sight unlike women who are not. So, such men tend to make the move on seeing a naked woman (partner) beside them. Also, seeing it would make men to secrete more testosterone hormone; it would keep flowing, which is good for them. Thus, it would boost sexual experience. But for women, they may not be moved by seeing the man naked. Overall, men tend to benefit more from this.”

Meanwhile, given that sleep is essential for the overall well being of the human system, some studies have shown that the way people sleep, in terms of positioning, is just as important as it could affect people’s health and well being. They pointed out that while some can help people to be productive, some sleeping positions can boost the likelihood of having nightmare, neck pain and snoring.

According to a study posted on Mail Online, when people suffer heartburn, a form of indigestion felt as a burning sensation in the chest, caused by acid regurgitation into the oesophagus, and they sleep on their left side, they tend to be relieved of the pain. This, according to Dr. Mathew Noble, is because the internal organs seem to align in a way that helps to significantly reduce the amount of acid leaking out of the stomach into the oesophagus, which is what causes the pain associated with heartburn.

However, in a study by some researchers from the Yuzuncu Yil University in Turkey, people who chose to sleep on their left reported regular nightmares compared to those who would rather sleep on their right side.

Also, sleeping on the back comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The study found that this sleeping position does not only help to align the spine and address any pain in that region, it could also help to prevent wrinkles on the face because the face would not be pressed against the bed or the pillow, according to a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Goesel Anson.

But, on the other hand, sleeping on the back could double the likelihood of snoring and the temporary cessation of breathing, which could lead to heart problems.

Sleeping in the foetal position has also been found to ensure good night’s sleep, but according to an osteopath, Amy Hope, anyone with neck pain should not consider the posture without the aid of a pillow.

Of great benefit to the heart is the idea of sleeping on the right hand, but not for pregnant women, according to some researchers from Stony Brook University in the United States. They found that people with high blood pressure should consider this position as it gives the heart, located on the left of the chest, more room in the chest cavity and ultimately leads to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate.

But for pregnant women, they pointed out that in late pregnancy, sleeping on the right could lead to stillbirth as it could restrict blood flow to the baby.

Noteworthy is the fact that apart from difficulty in breathing and occasional neck pain when people sleep on their chest, researchers from Hong Kong’s Shue Yan University say it could enable people to have exciting dreams.

But according to Adesanya, there are certain medical conditions that could inform the kind of sleeping position to be recommended for people, such as people that are obese, people with heart problem and pregnant women. He added that if there are no such medical conditions, people could sleep in a position that they find comfortable because the body would always regulate itself for comfort.

He said, “For pregnant women, we tell them not to sleep on their back or on their right. The best position for them is to sleep on their left. This is because the largest vein in the body is on the right and if the woman sleeps on the right, the baby would compress the vein and blood supply would be affected. The same thing would happen when people sleep on their back.

“Apart from that, there is a way the body positions itself for comfort because when we are sleeping, we are not in control of our body. The body controls itself. Even if you sleep in a wrong position, the body will try to respond and prompt you to adjust.”


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