Police parade Rivers pastor for allegedly killing mistress, another woman, nine-month-old baby...blames the devil

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Police in Rivers State yesterday paraded a pastor, Chidiebere Okoroafor, for allegedly killing his mistress, two church members as well as an unborn baby in cold blood, in Oyigbo area of the state.

The incident reportedly took place on December 9, 2017 but was discovered four days after the deceased persons were declared missing.

The victims are: Ada Concila Ezeawa (25) Mrs. Uloma Onweagba and her nine- months -old baby Christabel Joseph-Onweagba.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Finance and Administration, Cyril Okoro who disclosed this to newsmen yesterday during a briefing in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, said trouble began when the pastor’s alleged mistress, Concila Ezeawa, informed the pastor of her pregnancy following her alleged amorous relationship with the man of God, which did not go down well with him.

In the bid to cover up his sins, Pastor Okoroafor who is the founder of Altar of Solution Church, Izuoma in Afam Oyigbo Local Government Area (LGA) of the state, reportedly urged the girl to abort the pregnancy which she bluntly refused to the chagrin of the pastor.

To convince the pastor to allow her keep the pregnancy and have the baby alive, Ezeawa apparently involved Mrs. Onweagba for her intervention and probably convinced her Pastor boyfriend to respect her wish.

On that fateful day, the trio (Okoroafor, Ezeawa and Onweagba), agreed to meet somewhere to discuss the matter. Unknown to the two women, the suspect gave them two different meeting points and at different times, in which he first met with his expectant mistress at a certain junction, while he asked the other woman to wait for them at a different point.

While the second woman who came to the meeting with her nine-month-old baby strapped to her back was waiting, the Pastor lured and strangled Ezeawa to death and her unborn child in an uncompleted building and subsequently abandoned her remains there unknown to the waiting Mrs. Onweagba, who he joined shortly after committing the crime.

The cleric was said to have strangled Mrs. Onweagba to death in a lonely bush part where he also dumped their bodies, in a bid to destroy all pieces of evidence that could link him to the crime.

When paraded yesterday, the pastor begged for forgiveness saying: “I am sorry, I ask for forgiveness from my family, let the family of the people I liked also forgive me, let the world forgive me, it is the devils work.”

Okoro said: “The pastor killed his mistress by luring and strangulating her in an uncompleted building in order to cover up his deed, after he has committed this evil act, he now joined his late girl friend at Afam road where they took a tricycle to Afam roundabout before taking a motorcycle to an isolated farm on Igberu road where he gruesomely murdered her with her deceased friend’s nine months old baby strapped to her back.

”According to the autopsy report, the nine months old baby was killed as a result of suffocation which was caused as result of wrapper used in carrying the baby”.

Okoro explained that apprehending the pastor was made possible because the deceased had already told their neighbours where they were going on that day; few days after the neighbours couldn’t find them they lodged a complaint of disappearance at the Afam divisional headquarters.

”After preliminary investigation and search by the police with members of the community, the decomposing corpse of Uluoma and a nine month-old-baby indentified as Joseph were discovered in a bush located along Afam Igberu road on 13th of December 2017.

” Their corpses were evacuated and deposited at the mortuary, after more investigation. Six days after the recovery of Uluoma and the baby, the decomposing corpse of the mother of the baby, Ezeawa was recovered in an uncompleted building at Izuoma community in Oyigbo LGA and subsequently taken to the mortuary.

The investigation was subsequently transferred to the state criminal investigation and intelligence department (SCIID). After series of investigation and interrogation the pastor confessed of murdering the deceased persons based on the trust his victims had on him.

Okoro added: ”He was able to manipulate the two women by first luring Ezeawa to an uncompleted building while telling the other deceased person to wait three poles away, that he was coming to join her; after strangulating her in an uncompleted building he also murdered his girlfriend in the bush”.

DCP Okoro assured that the suspect would be arraigned in court soon.


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