North, a problem to Nigeria-ACF

THE PUNCH Newspaper-Segun Olatunji

The Arewa Consultative Forum on Wednesday in Kaduna said that the region had become the problem of Nigeria due to the frequent outbreak of violence in the area.

The ACF observed that the future of the region would remain bleak unless its leaders took immediate steps to reverse the situation and save the region from the current embarrassment.

The Vice-Chairman of the group’s Board of Trustees, Senator Ladan Shuni, who read an opening address at a meeting of the forum, said that the various problems confronting the North now were never envisaged and that the leaders of the region must take responsibility for these.

The ACF chieftain warned that if the present situation in the region was allowed to continue, it would not only endanger the peace of the area but also make the future of the North more bleak.

Shuni stressed that all the stakeholders in the region must join hands to address the socio-economic problems of the North.

He stated that it had become imperative for the leaders in the region to tackle the massive poverty and the widespread practice of begging amongst the people of the region.

He said, “We have to really save the future of our children because as it is now, our future is bleak. We have to actually rise and see how we can bring back this our noble culture and orientation. In the past, we were only hearing cases of kidnapping in other places. Armed robbery was not part of us, but now we have similar things here, too.

“We have a lot of unemployment cases in the North. The unemployed are roaming the streets and in some cases, they become area boys. Before, it was usually difficult to find Northern armed robbery gangs but today they are so common.

“There are a lot of crises in the North; there have been the Boko Haram, Kala Kato and the present Jos crisis. The North is becoming the problem of the country and it is the North that should come together and solve the problem.

“Apart from the issue of begging, there are other problems that were hitherto not known or associated with the North, but kidnapping is even here in the North. Our education has not only gone down but has also deteriorated. There is unemployment everywhere and no sign of improvement.

“From the foregoing, it is now the duty of the leaders, both past and present and many who are here present, to save the North in particular and the country in general, because as it is, the future is bleak.”

Our correspondent gathered that the meeting of the ACF BOT was convened to discuss the various socio-economic problems facing the region with a view to finding solution to them


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