How to start using Google Duo on the web

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What is Google Duo?

Google Duo has been around for a long time. It has become one of the most feature-rich video calling services available in the market.

Duo launched alongside Allo as Google tried to simplify its messaging strategy — offering one app each for text messaging and video calling — and while Allo was waylaid last year over low usage figures, Duo has grown from strength to strength. The service has amassed over a billion downloads and is now pre-installed on all new Android phones.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Group calling lets eight people join a call at once

Duo started with one-to-one video calling, but Google has added more and more features to turn it into a robust platform.

First up was audio calls, and later Google rolled out group video calling.

With Duo, you can now have up to eight people on a call at once. To do so, you’ll have to set up a group and hit Start, following which all members in that group will get a notification to join the call.

Just know that if you start a call through a web browser, you won’t be able to make a group call. Those on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes can, however, make group calls on their computer through the Android app.

Duo lets you send video and voice messages to contacts

If your contact does not pick up, you have the option of sending a message. You’ll be able to leave a video or audio message that lasts up to 30 seconds, and there’s the option of adding a text overlay with additional filters.

You can also send a message without having to call someone: just swipe down in the app and you will see the message window. Messages are retained for 24 hours from the first time you play them, and you can also save them on your device by downloading them.

When you are looking for a video chatting platform, chances are you’re interested in something that you can use on any

• device, not just your phone. Google Duo is a really good option that is available not only on your Android phone but also in a browser window or on your Chromebook or Chromebox device. I’ll show you how to get set up on each computer-based option so that you can start connecting with your friends, family, and colleagues over Google Duo.

How to set up Google Duo for the web

• In your web browser of choice, type in the address

• Verify the phone number your Duo account is associated with by entering it on the screen.

• Click Get verification code.

• You will receive an SMS at the number you provided with a one-time code.

• Enter the one-time code on the screen. You should now be logged in and ready to make your first call.

Using Google Duo on the web is accessible from just about any of the most common browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. However, you won’t be able to initiate group calls from the browser at this time. If you want to conduct a group call from your computer, you’ll need to use the Android app on a Chromebook or Chromebox. Let’s go over how to do that next.

How to set up Google Duo on a Chromebook

• Download and install the Duo app from the Google Play store.

• Agree to the terms and conditions to grant access to your camera, microphone, and contacts as you would on your Android phone.

• If you’ve already signed in to Duo from another device, you can just log in with your Google account.

• Google will ask you to verify the phone number associated with your Duo account.

• Select Agree.

• You will receive an SMS to the number you gave with a one-time code. Enter the code on the screen.

You should now be logged in and ready to make your first call.

Note that some enterprise and/or school-issued Chromebooks may not permit you to use the Duo Android app on your Chromebook.

If this is the case, you may need to contact your administrator for permission to enable this feature.

Of course, you can still go to com and use the service via your Chrome web browser, but just remember that this method won’t allow for group calls.

How to use Google Duo once you’re set up

• In your web browser of choice, type in the address Alternatively, you can make a Duo call on a Chromebook or Chromebox through the Duo app.

• Search for and/or choose a contact to call.

• Click Start call.

• Choose video or voice.

• When the call is over, select end call. Now you know how easy it is to use Google Duo from your computer. Get ready to start (re)connecting with your contacts while at your desk, on the couch, or back in the office


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