OKOH: If it is a matter of showing off, it's wrong


THE first thing we must realise is that bullet-proof car, or no bullet-proof cars, security belongs to God, that is the bottomline. For except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman is awake in vain, except the Lord builds the labourers labour for nothing. You can be in a bullet-proof car when you come out what happens? In an occasion like this what happens? There had been incidence where somebody was attacked in the church. They came right into the church, attacked the person and took him away from the church. You are aware of what happened in Benin. A man was returning from the church, as he entered into the compound, they followed him as he came out from the car and they pointed gun at his face.

"However, Nigerian situation is feud situation and does not admit to a single analysis. What I will say is that it depends on the circumstance, I am sure that people can over do things, there are people for whom it is a status symbol, but if it is strictly a matter of security. I think nobody should submit himself to be killed but if it is a matter of 'let me show the world that I am somebody, and I have four vehicles in front of me, four behind me all filled with mobile policemen, then I think there is something wrong'.

"But God said that He will give His angels charge over us including the security, because the human security can be faulty; if God does not work with it. In fact, the security outfit or apparatus you have can turn against you, and become your destruction. So, if God is on one's side, your security outfit will work and be able to protect you; if God is not there, there will be many loopholes.

" If you have been following the Nigerian security situation, you will recall that there was a time when even the military who were supposed to be helping turned against their boss and it became a problem. What I am saying is that everybody needs some form of security, but where people want to advertise it as social status, definitely it's damnable.

"Some people had it before, but it became very common when the country started witnessing the problem of kidnapping, because they want to say, I will not die before my time, that is another concept, what is your time? I won't say that having security is completely bad but advertising oneself, self-aggrandisement, posturing, they are all condemnable.

"The way to address this issue is for our government to protect its citizens, you don't go to Britain and one person will have two vehicles of mobile policemen in front, two vehicles behind, it doesn't happen; you don't need that. But we need security from our government because that is the contract between the people and the government. The primary role of government is to ensure the security of lives and property. The basic need of the people is security, so if the government can provide that, I believe that the issue of mobile policemen surrounding people will be reduced."


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