Ag. President is not Obasanjo's stooge, says Clark

THE NATION Newspaper- Kamarudeen Ogundele

Prominent Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark yesterday debunked insinuations that Acting President Goodluck Jonathan is former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s stooge.

He praised the National Assembly for passing a resolution empowering Vice President Jonathan to take charge.

He also expressed gratitude to former Heads of State, former Chief Justices of Nigeria (CJN), Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s), media and opinion leaders for demanding that the right thing be done.

President Umaru Yar’Adua has been away in King Faisal Specialist Hospital for treatment of acute pericarditis (inflammation of the heart’s lining) since November 23, last year.

His failure to transmit a written declaration to the leadership of the National Assembly sparked controversies.

Addressing reporters in Abuja yesterday, Clark said: "Any country without leadership is not a country".

He urged Jonathan to rise up to the challenges and act quickly to correct the many wrongs in the country because according to him, "Nigerians are expecting so much from the Acting President".

"They want him to perform, they want him to be courageous; they want him to do so many things in the interest of this great country. This is not the time to dilly-dally, his time is very short.

The Acting President should fight corruption without looking at the faces of people. Corruption has affected our electoral principles, this time nobody contests elections, they are just being nominated by someone, by godfathers because of that they are not responsible to their constituencies but the man who put them there. Nigerians are looking for a change.


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