Why we struck, by MEND

VANGUARD Newspaper

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, yesterday, claimed responsibility for the explosion that rocked the venue of Vanguard’s Post-Amnesty conference, saying it was to let the world know of its continued relevance in the region.

The group, in an online statement issued by its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, said “After receiving the baton of ignorance from his Bayelsa State counterpart, the governor of Delta State declared in the Vanguard newspaper of February 22, 2010 that ‘MEND is a media creation.’

Attack to announce continued presence

“This assertion, coming from the same person who claimed publicly that an oil pipeline can be destroyed by one man armed with a bottle of petrol, is hardly surprising. What is surprising is how he managed to obtain a science degree.

Scene of the Warri explosion
“Thinking of no better way to announce our continued presence in the Niger Delta to Mr. Uduaghan, operatives of MEND today, March 15, 2010, successfully breached the security at the Delta State Government House in Warri and planted three explosive devices in and around this compound which is the venue of the Vanguard’s Post-Amnesty Dialogue organised by the Vanguard newspapers.

“These devices will be detonated remotely.

Warn participants

“In our usual effort to prevent the loss of innocent lives, MEND advises the immediate evacuation of the Government House Annex, Warri, and its immediate surroundings up to the Delta State Brodcasting Corporation.

“The time given for this evacuation before the detonation of the first bomb is 30 minutes which will elapse by 1130 hrs Nigerian time. The primary school bordering the Government House Annex should be evacuated immediately!

“The first bomb will be detonated at exactly 1130 hrs. We will thereafter advise on the other devices planted within and around the venue of the Vanguard Newspapers-organised and Delta State-sponsored conference. Organisers and participants at this jamboree will ignore this warning at their peril !!!

Claim oil firms stole N-Delta land

“People must not remain in their cars and attempt to drive their cars and maintain safe distance from all cars and the area!

“The deceit of endless dialogue and conferences will no longer be tolerated. The lands of the people of the Niger Delta was stolen by the oil companies and Northern Nigeria with the stroke of a pen.

“The Vanguard-organised and Delta State-sponsored conference is one of such tools of deception. The Niger Delta has been partitioned into oil blocs which have been distributed among mostly Northerners while indegenes of the Niger Delta can barely survive. One such example being General T.Y. Danjuma.

“It is common knowlede that no southerner can lay claim to an inch of land in the North, so, why should we continue to talk as the occupation of our land and theft of our reources by the oil companies and Northern Nigeria persists?

Have issues with govs

“The governors of the Niger Delta are shameless and visionless stooges who are more concerned with looting their state treasuries and seeking a second term in office, even against the wishes of their people.

“MEND will attack any such gatherings designed to propagate more falsehood. Members of the public are hereby warned to avoid such gatherings as they may not be fortunate to have a warning before detonation.

Threaten oil firms

“In the coming days, we will carry out attacks against installations and oil companies across the Niger Delta and will spread out to companies such as Total which have been spared in the past. We hope the actions which will follow will persuade Mr. Uduaghan that we exist outside of cyberspace,” MEND added.


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