Mixed reactions trail Jonathan's cabinet lists

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I’m disappointed because I was expecting well known, highly principled and highly qualified Nigerians who are not partisan. I was expecting people like Olisa Agakoba, Prof. Pat Utomi, Col. Abubakar Umar. These are the kind of people the Acting President needs. I know one or two of them on the list that are good. People like Labran Maku, who was a vibrant student union activist. Some of the former ministers like Ajumogobia is okay but he should behave less as a civil servant. He should also drop deregulation because it is causing a lot of confusion.

List good, says Ozekhome

The list looks good, very short on politicians and politics but long on technocrats. When you bring in SANs who are not known to be politicians and you bring in people like Labran Maku, a former student leader and people like Aganga, MD of Sachs, a world renowned body, it means the president hits the ground running. I believe he will do a lot of positive thinking for Nigerians in one year. So I call on all Nigerians to give him their support so that he can move Nigeria away from the doldrums

Falae okays nominees

Those are the ones the Acting President wants to re-appoint. He believes the new ones will able to render the kind of service he wants them to render because there is little or no time left. So, I hope his expectations will materialise. When his cabinet is appointed and approved, we will see who and who are likely to be there. My prayer is that he will make up for the last eleven years the PDP has wasted .

This cabinet won’t perform, says Adesina

The list I have seen does not reflect names of people who can perform very well. What I mean is that one had expected a list comprising people who are not necessarily politicians; but who can perform. I did not see such names on the list. Maybe the names of such people would be sent later. Dr Goodluck Jonathan has about one year left before the tenure of his administration ends. He has to account to the people at the end of his tenure.

It is PDP’s list, says Ajayi

In his own remarks concerning the list of ministerial nominees, the National Publicity Secretary of AD, Popoola Ajayi said: “The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) bigwigs have nominated and appointed themselves into office once again. Based on the list Acting President Goodluck Jonathan has sent to the Senate for confirmation as ministers, I don’t see anything different between the names of nominees on that list and the names of members of President Umar Yar’Adua’s old team. The PDP has failed to deliver for over 10 years. I don’t see these ministerial nominees that have just been sent to the Senate for clearance as having any magic wand.”

He continued: “If you consider the issue of electricity for instance, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Vice-President was in charge of the Committee that was set up to oversee the power sector, but he was not able to achieve anything. We don’t expect any magic from this set of people. What Nigerians need to do is to be vigilant and for them to tell the in-coming ministers what needs to be done. What we must do now is to drive these in-coming ministers by letting them know that we are watching them. They must do what the constitution requires them to do.”

“You can imagine the political horse-trading that has been going on since the dissolution of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), then you could have guessed what eventually happened. Who are these technocrats? These are people who are mostly not interested in politics. From all the 36 states people have been moving round the country lobbying those that matter who can influence things within the PDP hierarchy. Jonathan has a short tenure; let him go and bring anybody he likes, I don’t see what he can achieve. The PDP does not have a clear programme or agenda to move the country forward.

“In the past, under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, they brought Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and all the others; what difference did they make in the final analysis? The problem is with the party itself and not with the people they want to bring. Remember the other time when one of them said the late Chief Bola Ige was invited to join Obasanjo’s cabinet to come and chop. So, it is still the same chop-chop system that is still in place.”

Jonathan expected to bring out the best, says Yerima

Well, from the look of the list, I’ve not seen the profile of some of them the Acting President was expected to bring out the best but most of the people we expected to be on board are not on board. We really don’t know what happened.

Jonathan to break away from the past-Yinka Odumakin

We find some names on one hand that give kind of credibility to that list but on the other hand, we have people like Aneni’s wife and a few others, which suggest a kind of political patronage. He needs to, as much as possible, break away from the past. But the subsequent list should be more pro-people and populist. We hope to have more and I think we should still remain focussed.

I’ve my reservation, says Shettima

I have my reservation because how the government even came to power is to me illegal. This is not what Nigerians asked for. The dissolution of the Executive Council of the Federation and the nomination of the new ministers are to me illegal. So, there is nothing to talk about because everything is a sham. They called how Jonathan came to power doctrine of necessity but that was not what Nigerians asked for. In this country, we’re always in a hurry and that is why we don’t like following due process.


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