Ijaw Fault Arewa’s Comment on Niger Delta


Lagos – The Ijaw monitoring group has condemned the Arewa Consultative Forum President, Gen. I.B.M Haruna (rtd) comments in a national news magazine describing the Niger Delta people as lazy. Haruna was quoted in the magazine to have said that ‘Niger Delta people are not industrious’.
In a statement signed by Comrade Andrew Elijah Chief of staff to Comrade Joseph Evah, coordinator of IMG. The Ijaw described the statement as “an act of ignorance despite the fact that the retired General was the chairman of National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies as well as Nigeria Institute for International Affairs”.
“It is not in our character to trade words with inconsequential persons or groups in domestic or international matters but we have decided to reply Arewa because of the respect we have for the great organization but unfortunately, General Haruna misfired in this matter”. The group said.
“ They want to remind General Haruna that it is on record in world history was the leading raw material market in West Africa when oil and gas exploration had not commenced to destroy our palm oil, rubbers, fishing, timber logging, local gin and other cash crops. History also confirms that it was only the Niger Delta that Europeans never conquered but signed treaties with our fore-fathers to exchange goods and services.
“If we are not industrious, how did King Jaja of Opobo, king Amakiri of Kalabari, king Nana of Itsekiri and king Koko including the legendary Pa Ambakederemo, father of chief E.K Clerk made world record in commerce”. The group queried.
The group argued that the raw material that blossomed the economic growth of the city of the Niger Delta from the 16th , up to the 19th century were even in demand around the world but the exploration of the oil and gas in the region has destroyed the local economy.
“Haruna was a military man and it was military man from his area that looted our region but they transferred the loot to Europe because we don’t see what they looted in the lives of ordinary northerners”. The Ijaw group said.
“We hereby invite General Haruna and his cohorts to visit the Niger Delta Hall of Fame established by IMG where we display hundreds of photographs of personalities from the Niger Delta that made and those making History in Nigeria and around the globe”. IMG said, adding that the Niger Delta only need spiritual deliverance in the area of leadership at all levels.


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