How To Approach Beautiful Women

THE GUARDIAN Newspaper- Kemi Amushan

APPROACHING beautiful women can easily give some men a heart attack. The ability to approach a beautiful woman and not only just start an interaction with her, but also make her feel something inside for you is not something that is just easily stumbled upon. You should know some things before approaching that drop-dead gorgeous woman you feel makes your world go round.

1. Your 'game; has to seem unique to you and your personality.

2. You cannot just drool over her good looks.

3. You have to be able to captivate her.

See, as humans, we all have two ways of thinking. Number one is using logic or our conscious minds. Number two is using emotion or our subconscious minds.

Women are too emotional. We cannot help it. That's why so many of us fall for the same 'ass hole' guys. Our logical brains are telling us that we'll be cheated on. That we'll be messed around with. That we'd be better off with the nice guy. And we are usually right, but our emotional side of the brain RUNS us. We can't help but seek out the excitement, the alpha male, and the bad boy.

Now, I'm not for one moment trying to suggest to the guys to become a 'bad boy', but I'm definitely saying that if you are frustrated in the dating game, chances are you've tried the nice guy way already and it simply doesn't work at anything other than becoming their 'friend' which is the LAST thing you want. It's as simple as this.

If you do and say certain things in a certain way, then women will become attracted to you. They can't help it. Women have emotionally-evolved brains that deny logic and make decisions based solely on feelings when it comes to whom they are attracted to.

And you know, what evolution has done for you also made it so that your looks are only 20% of what a woman is looking for. And if you happen to be above a certain 'acceptable' level of looks (and let me tell you, this level is low, lots of UGLY guys make the grade) then you can bypass this 20% totally and make the whole of a woman's attraction be about who you are and how you act, instead of what you look like, or how much you get paid.

Now first of all, you have to...

1.Get her attention first

The first step is to grab a woman's attention so she notices you and looks you in the eyes. All you really have to do is open your mouth and say a warm and gentle hello. She will turn around instantly. If you are in a shop or in a bar or restaurant, sit next to her. If she is walking down the street, wait until she is near you. If she is standing a few yards away from you, just walk over. It's no biggie at all. Be casual and friendly towards her.

2.Use a killer line

A sure way of striking up a conversation with a woman is to ask her opinion about something. We love to give the male our female opinion on almost anything! It is also a great platform for creating attraction on the spot. Here's an example you could say: 'HEY! ... I've heard that women can only put mascara on, if their mouth is open. Is this true?' She'll laugh her brains out and that's a good start for you.

3.Heat up the attraction

The above killer line gets positive reaction every single time! Once she smiles, heat up the attraction by teasing her a little more, bust her bubbles and make her accuse you of being mean while hitting you on the arm. You can even relax a little here, but you have already done the job and she is now ready to give you her phone number if you do it the right way.

4.Getting her phone number

The best way of getting her number after you have her attention is to say, 'Hey, what are you doing just now? I have to go to get a few can keep me company if you'll be nice' or 'Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? I'd like if you could keep me company.' Then you take out your cell-phone, hand it over to her and say 'Here, let's trade numbers anyway. Type it into my cell.... She'll definitely give it to you without a doubt.


In many cases she already has plans for today but she will give you her number anyway. Once you have her number, leave! This way, you are still this mysterious but interesting man she just met. It also prevents you from screwing things up. But getting her number is very easy, and it will only take around eight minutes max!

Its as simple as ABC my boys. My fellow women, I'm sorry I had to reveal this but we need to help our guys out, or don't you think?

You can go out right now, use this simple step-by-step plan and I will guarantee that you will get at least three phone numbers in four approaches! Good luck!


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