Obasanjo needs counselling, deliverance- CAN

THE PUNCH Newspaper- Segun Olatunji

The Christian Association of Nigeria on Monday condemned former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his recent comments that even Jesus Christ would not be able to conduct undisputed and credible elections in Nigeria.

CAN, in its reaction to the statement, said that it was unfortunate that a person of the former president’s standing, who had benefited immensely from the wonders of God, would blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ.

Secretary of the Kaduna State Chapter of CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayab who addressed journalists on behalf of CAN, in Kaduna, said, “This is totally a blasphemous of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by a person whom God had on several occasions delivered from the valley of the shadow of death, like he (Obasanjo) stated in his inauguration speech on May 29th, 1999.

“Obasanjo must know that Jesus Christ has the power to save and deliver people from sin and condemnation, and he is still saving many in Nigeria today. It is the prayers of those who have been saved by Jesus Christ that is keeping Nigeria moving from the clutches of bad leaders like him. How much more can he not conduct a mere election?

“Where did he keep the Biblical injunctions where Christians were taught to act justly, to love mercy and work humbly with their God? We are not surprised, because this goes to show us the genuineness of his ‘born again,’ status which he is claiming.

“We are deeply surprised at this highest degree of mockery of the efficacy of our faith by a man of his standing, who on many occasions professed the power of God. By this, we advise that his resident pastor needs to counsel, pray and put him in a deliverance class, because it is an outright deviation from religion and the sacredness of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

“He did the same when he out of pride and power intoxication, threw abuses at CAN leadership in Jos, Plateau State. Now that he is out of power, it is Jesus Christ. So you can see how deep he has derailed, and is in dire need of deliverance, before the consequences of his actions and comments bring a curse to our dear nation,” he said.


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