CROSS-RIVER Lawmakers demand audit of village Clan Heads


Calabar-the cross river house of assembly had called for an audit of village and clan heads in the state to ease the payment of their entitlements by government.
In a motion at the House on Wednesday by Mr Itaya Nyong (akampka I constituency), the lawmaker called for a comprehensive list of traditional rulers.
Nyong opined that the enormous influences reverence by traditional rulers commanded in communities made them occupy the centre stage in the task of governance.
The lawmaker noted that there was the need for such a list due to the regular adjustments of administrative structure of government and corresponding increase in villages.
“The absence of such information could become vulnerable to abuses, particularly as payment of their stipends is handled directly in the secretariat of the local government council of chiefs” he noted
Nyong regretted that traditional rulers faced difficulties of waiting long hours and even days in the course of collecting their monthly stipends.
In his contribution, Mr. Jacob Enyia (Boki II constituency) said that having a comprehensive data of traditional rules in the state would help in the process of planning and development.
Enyia stressed that collection of stipends in banks was a good development as it would ease mobility and stress.
In a resolution, the House directed secretaries of traditional ruler’s councils in the 18 local governments to compile and submit to it a comprehensive list of traditional rules within 15 days.
It also resolved that government should ensure that all traditional rulers on its payroll received their stipends through designated banks close to their residence to Avoid hardship.


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