Maximising business opportunities in protective disc device

THE PUNCH Newspaper- Ifeanyi Onuba

In Nigeria, the use of discs as a storage device became popular in the late 1990s at a the time modern computers were gaining popularity in the country.

A Compact Disc (also known as a CD) is an optical disc used to store digital data. It was originally developed to exclusively store sound recordings, but later developed to an instrument for preserving other types of data.

According to Wikipedia, an on-line dictionary, audio CDs have been commercially available since October 1982. In 2010, they remain the standard physical storage medium for many businesses.

Wikipedia says the CDs are successful, netting about 30 billion discs globally in 2004.

By 2007, the figure had risen to about 200 billion worldwide

No doubt, data protection can engender the growth of small and medium scale enterprises, considering the strategic role of data to business operations.

The loss of data may affect a company‘s sales. It may also render it impossible for an entrepreneur to communicate with customers.

However, in spite of its easy-to-use, storage and carry-around properties, discs have always been fragile and do get destroyed easily. Here lies the problem, and ironically, the business opportunities, especially for a new device just innovated to arrest losses arising from damage to discs.

After several years of research into how to reduce the rate at which data get lost from damaged discs owing to continuous usage, a new device was recently designed by a Cyprus-based company to prevent the destruction of discs.

This new technology, known as Protective Disc Skin, is a thin rubber-like material that can easily be snapped onto a disc to prevent it from getting scratched, and as a result, getting destroyed easily.

Mr. Olayeni Kayode, a computer scientist, says he decided to explore thetool towards creating a thriving business in Nigeria.

This, according to him, has not only provided employment opportunities for a good number of people, but has also satisfied consumers‘ needs.

Olayeni, who claims to have nursed the ambition of being an entrepreneur since childhood, says he came across the business opportunities inherent in the disc skins innovation out of curiosity.

He says, ”I was browsing through the Internet when I stumbled on a website created by RES Innovations Limited, a Cyprus-based company. This firm deals in the manufacturing of a device, which protects discs from getting scratched. The company, in a bid to create a global distribution network, had posted a form on its website, through which intending distributors could apply for distributorship.”

Speaking on the benefits that can be derived by using the device, Olayeni, who is the Managing Director, 9th Link Limited, says the product can amend a skipping compact disc, stop it from skipping, help fix discs, act as a CD scratch protector and also prolong the life span of any disc. He adds that the device is easy to use because the skin disc stays on the disc, even while they play.

According to him, ”The discs are totally readable right through the skin. Once the discs are skinned, there is nothing to remove or put on when playing, storing or transporting. Only one skin disc does all the protection.”

On the viability of the business, he explains that with over 20 billion units of discs currently being used globally and with an additional two billion added every year, there is a huge amount of unprotected discs in the market that are waiting to be safeguarded.

This, according to him, has opened a window of opportunity for every businessman to make money. Here lies the paradoxical combination of the challenge and business opportunities in disc storage device. Olayeni says there are opportunities in terms distributorship and retailership for young people, who want to make headways in the business world.

On the amount needed to start the business, he says with about N50, 000, one can begin the business. According to him, this is so because the global video game industry is currently valued at N4.43tn, adding that protective disc skins offer music fans, movie lovers and game enthusiasts a safer, longer-lasting method of protecting their discs.

”Research estimates that by the end of this year, consumers worldwide would have spent over N11.8tn on digital entertainment, including recorded musical DVDs, software and video/computer games,” he adds.

An Abuja based Information Technology expert Mr. Peter Eze, says the disc skin device innovation is a proof that technology can be used to solve some of the problems that confront humanity.

On how to access the opportunities, Olayeni says although his company distributes the products, the widespread need of the device commends its availability in all IT markets. Besides, by browsing the Internet, several supply spots can be located around the world.

Eze adds that before the advent of disc protectors, a good number of valuable information had been lost as a result of disc scratching. He adds that with the disc skin device; important information can now be kept intact as businesses are better insulated against loss of data and information through scratches to discs. Another business side to this device is its low cost nature.

He, however, regrets that despite the benefits, which users can get from purchasing the device, the level of awareness about it is still relatively low.

This, he notes, can serve as an avenue for making make money for young entrepreneurs across the country.


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