National president, Ijaw monitoring group Comrade Joseph Evah, on Monday lambasted the Northern Nigeria Liberation Movement for asking Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan to resign, saying it is a threat to democracy.
Evah in a fit of anger told Daily sun that the movement is biting more than it can chew and urged northern leaders to call the body to order.
“We reject totally that call and condemn most especially the threat by the movement that if Vice-President Jonathan fails to resign, they will do to him what they did to the late M.K.O Abiola, the acclaimed winner of June 12, presidential election,” stressed the group’s leader.
Evah, however, suggested that the Vice-President be given executive power to function, pending the arrival of President Umar Yar Adua from Saudi Arabia, adding that nation does not permit vacuum.
“Service chiefs are waiting for President Yar’Adua to approve their promotion, Hence I am asking that the Vice-President be given executive powers so that he could really act on behalf of Mr. president, However, we pray that our dear president be healed and return home peacefully in Jesus name,” said Evah, insisting that Nigerians should continue to pray for Mr. president.
“Any attempt to give the Vice-President the kind of Abiola treatment will be resisted and will see the disintegration of this great country. They (movement) should be informed that the Ijaw monitoring group and other groups from the Niger-Delta are strongly behind the Vice-President,” warned the group leader, stressing the Nigeria is bigger than the so-called northern Nigeria Liberation Movement.
Similarly, former chairman Nigeria Bar Association, Warri chapter Barrister Ojo Abijogun, has condemned the call, saying it is not only provocative but a treasonable act.
“The call is a big threat to human existence and democracy the person or body that made such call should be arrested and charged to Court,” stressed Abijogun.


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