Cake making as alternative source of income

THE SUN Newspaper- Ime Umoren

Cake making and decoration for a small or a big event can be very tasking when you do not have the expertise.

Making money from home is not that difficult, especially if you can bake cakes. There are people who have built very profitable businesses from home by simply baking and decorating cakes for weddings, birthdays, local events and other special occasions.

Experts say that as long as you have the desire, you can become a cake decorator. They assert no special training or experience is necessary before one becomes a cake decorator.

They, however, stress how vital for anyone who wants to go into cake making and decoration to have interest in the business otherwise, the business will crumble before the start.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Excellent Taste Limited, Mrs. Aniefiok Umoh, ”You will be paid for having lots of fun! Indeed, it is a lot of fun to bake. You don‘t have to worry. Cake decorators design, bake and decorate creations that are almost as much fun to look at as they are to eat. It is all about creativity.”

She says if cake decorating is just a form of hobby for you, it can be developed into a full fledged money making venture. A home-based cake decorating business is not only inexpensive but also satisfying as it brings out your creative side.

She also notes that people are willing to pay well for beautiful cakes.

To the Managing Partner, Rockcity Communications, Mrs. Khadijat Aledeh, ”First and foremost, you must have the required knowledge concerning the market. You can also take classes for improving your skills and gaining knowledge about the additional methods of cake decoration.”

Umoh adds that it is important to learn how to make beautiful cakes if you really want to earn a living from the business. She also advises on the need for buying cookbooks and cake decorating books.

She says you do not need much money for the business. You need to acquire the basic facilities for the preparation of the cake. Subsequently, what will be needed are the materials such as flour and other ingredients to make the cake at different times.

Experts believe that having your own equipment will allow you catch up faster. It is also important to select high quality baking pans, cooking utensils, decorating materials and ingredients.

Aledeh also says it is good to consider the type of cakes you intend to make before purchasing the materials, noting that if your capital is small, you can start with the basic shapes.

Experts say you need continuous practice until you are confident about your ability and as well as attending cake decorating course.

Both Umoh and Aledeh say after having acquired the required knowledge, it is important to associate with other cake decorators to be able to keep abreast of the latest trends in the market. Other important places include social events or shows where skills can be displayed as a form of advertisement.

They agree that the display of your work will help advertise you. Word of mouth is very good for this kind of business. It is important to remember that a business needs marketing and advertising, they say.

They enjoin starters not to get discouraged by the initial teething problems. Like any other type of business, the start of cake business may not provide the benefits immediately since there may be a lot of trial and error which will be corrected after a while.

They agree that taking pictures of cakes is also essential to show your existing and potential clients, including unique specialty cake designs for baby showers, retirement parties, graduations, birthday, weddings and other kinds of events.


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