The coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring group, Comrade Joseph Evah has described those peddling rumor of the death of Ijaw music maestro, King Roberts Ebizimor as enemies of Ijaw nation.
In a signed statement in Lagos, the Ijaw leader said it was unfortunate that people could wish the great musician death out envy or whatever guise.
“The people behind the wicked and dangerous rumor are animals in human flesh and agents of Satan. It is true that Robert Ebizimor was in Lagos and attended a popular hospital and needed attention for undisclosed aliment. But he is not dead”, Evah said.
Evah condemned the rumor that the Ijaw musical legend was paralysed and confessed evils he allegedly did over the years. He said the musician has already left Nigeria for medical attention abroad.
“I visited Ebizimor and was with him before he departed Nigeria. He was not paralyzed and the story of evil confession is a senseless imagination of the authors of these evil gossips. We are human and can fall sick and recover by the grace of God. It is not the wish of any normal human being from Niger Delta to expect Robert Ebizimor to die now.”
“We want him to live long and entertain our soul and body. We use this medium to tell Niger Deltans to disregard the rumour of King Robert Ebizimor’s death and other evil rumors about him.” He thanks all those who are doing their best financially to assist Ijaw musical icon.


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