Killings and arson in Jos


Killings and arson in Jos, Plateau State even as security agents and the state government is being blamed for raising tension in the metropolis.
It stated that the Plateau State government and the security agents must take full responsibility for the violence in the state in the last few days.
The NLC in a statement by its general secretary, Comrade John Odah said,” we therefore call on the Federal Government to urgently set up a judicial commission of enquiry to look into the immediate and remote causes of the crisis. The commission of Inquiry should also establish the role played by high ranking public officers (Security, Government, and party Officers among others); to determine the number of lives and properties lost and make recommendations”.
The NLC which insisted that the crisis was avoidable said. “It is rather ironic that at the height of the mayhem, the plateau state government found it convenient through the state electoral body to further escalate and stroke the ember of violence and mass destruction by releasing the results of the contentious elections. This we find rather insensitive and crass irresponsibility on the part of the authorities”.
It stated, “This latest blood letting and carnage linked to the last local government election, is a sad commentary on our electoral process and an indictment of our politicians and the political class who still view election as a do-or die affair. Despite world wide outrage at the performance of outrage at the performance of Nigeria’s electoral system, the current crisis is yet another sad reminder that our present crops of political leaders are not ready to build a fair electoral system”.
The NLC noted “In the light of the high volatility of Jos given the history of tense contest for power in the past. We wondered why adequate security was not provided in the period before and after the elections.”
Lagos-The Coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring group, Comrade Joseph Evah has described the attitude of Niger Delta governors to the current anarchy in plateau state an embarrassment to the region.
In a statement issued in Lagos yesterday Comrade Evah regretted that since the beginning of the killings and destruction, “Non of the Niger Delta governors have made any moves to come to the aid of their citizens while some South West governors have organized rescue missions through their liaison offices in Abuja.
The Ijaw leader said “where is Uduaghan and Timipre Sylva? Are they hearing the cries of our people in Plateau state? Since last week our students from university of Jos have been crying trying to get their governors. Women and children crying daily for help.”
“We are begging them through this medium to direct their liaison offices in Abuja to make a move to protect our citizens. It is very sad that most of the liaison offices of Niger delta governments in Abuja are not for the welfare of our people. It is a shame; we have wasted several souls of Niger Deltans in the last two weeks.”
The Niger Delta activist alleged that most people killed are non-indigenes and that the local government election was a cover-up to kill and destroy properties of successful non-indigenes, adding that the federal government is helpless over the matter.
“Niger Delta politicians in public offices in Abuja are not bordered because they are afraid not to be given quit notice in Abuja for assisting their people in the North.”


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