Warri- the Ijaw monitoring+ group (IMG) has advised the Government to suspend the yearly national honors till further notice to show concern for the sorry state of the nation caused by the elite after 48 years of independence.
In a statement signed by Comrade Andrew Elijah chief of staff to comrade Joseph Evah, IMG co-ordinator, the group insisted that the yearly honor ritual organized by the federal Government for the elite is a mockery of decency, hard work, genuine honors and dignity of labour and ‘it is a way of celebrating the failure of Nigeria state and its shameless leaders.’’
“we regret that Nigeria that was competing with Singapore in the early 1970’s as a developing economy is now far behind Singapore in the 21st century, yet Singapore’s responsible leadership has vowed not to waste time, money and energy to celebrate their success till they catch up with America, Britain Japan, China and Germany.
“But in West African sub region Nigeria, Africa’s empty giant is shamelessly dancing naked.”
The groups also stated that Yar’ Adua’s Independence Day broadcast was a repetition of what other leaders had said over the years.
“We condemn the broadcast of Mr. President. The broadcast made no meaning.”
The Ijaw groups called on the NLC to mobilize civil society and other groups to hold a summit to enable labour and civil society plan a strategy to challenge the political class, adding that “Nigeria is a failed state which cannot organize a stable society for the present and future generation”.


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