The Ijaw of the Niger Delta have warned against alleged plan by the petroleum Training and development fund (PTDF) to establish the national college of petroleum studies in Kaduna.

In a signed statement, by Coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring group, Comrade Joseph Evah the Ijaw advised PTDF to reverse the decision and locate the institution in any part of the Niger Delta in the interest of peace, warning that doing otherwise has the potentials to threaten the road map to peace in the region.

“Establishment of the highest training institution for petroleum and gas industry in Kaduna will be an insult to the Niger Delta region,” he said.

“If the Federal Government implements that decision. The Niger Delta crisis will take an other dimension than the current violence agitation that we are trying to manage will be a child’s play. I know that the strategic political planners in Northern Nigeria will tell our political gamblers from the Niger Delta that since petroleum training institute is located in Warri, let this new one sited in Kaduna to balance development. But we will resist the gimmick because while PTI, Warri serves for mud-level training, the new college will be an elite institute for building an executive management and leadership corps for the oil industry”.

Comrade Evah also condemned public office holders from the Niger Delta “for folding their arms in the matter.”

It is sad that our generation produces cowards and booth lickers as political office holders but surprise awaits the Federal Government over the new so called Kaduna Oil College from Egbesu and other Ijaw gods of war”, he said.


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