Afenifere, Ondo Govt Condemn Abuja Blast

THE GUARDIAN Newspaper- Niyi Bello

THE Abuja Independence Day bomb blast that claimed eight lives has drawn the ire of the Ondo State Government and leadership of Afenifere, the pan-Yoruba socio-political and cultural organisation.
In separate reactions in Akure, Ondo State capital yesterday, both described the blast as very sad and worrisome.
Speaking on behalf of the Afenifere, its Octogenarian leader, Chief Reuben Fasoranti, who blamed handlers of the nation’s security system for laxity, said the Federal Government should look beyond “the claims of a couple of persons and go deeper in investigating the incident.”
According to Fasoranti, who spoke to The Guardian on telephone, “it is a very, very sad event, especially coming at the 50th anniversary of our independence. If we have an effective intelligence network, the plan would have been nipped in the bud.
“But despite serious stricture on the part of the security system, I think there is more to this blast than meets the eye. Government should look deeper, because it might be a smokescreen by some people to divert attention. The matter should not be scratched on the surface if we must get the perpetrators of the heinous crime punished.
“I say that because the nation is under the grip of this zoning controversy and a lot of interests are involved in the quest to run the country. We must therefore refrain from pointing accusing fingers towards one direction, because of what seems to be the obvious.”
On whether lopsidedness in the polity might have been responsible, as claimed in some quarters, Fasoranti said: “We cannot rule that out, but I insist that there may be more to it than what majority of people think”
He added that no matter the level of grievances anybody might have with the system, “certainly going violent is not the best thing to do. The law must take its due course in this matter, and I know that the Federal Government would rise up to the matter and punish the murderers, because this is unprecedented in this country.”
Ondo Commissioner of Information, Ranti Akerele, who spoke on behalf of the state government, said: “The governor was particularly disturbed about the incident, which he described as most worrisome.”
The Commissioner who toed the Afenifere line by condemning the act, however said: “By that unfortunate incident, Nigeria needs to taker a second look at the way it is currently structured, so that issues like this which threaten our existence as a nation would be addressed once and for all
“Speaking as one of the Niger Delta states, we want to say that it takes being one to know the pains and frustrations of the people of the region and the need for the Nigerian nation to do more for the area.
“But like we have always said, that should not be an excuse for unleashing violence on the Fatherland. There is no justification whatsoever for the Abuja crime and those who planned it must face the full wrath of the law.
“India is a great democracy but it got its independence through the non-violent approach of its founding father. So we must all embrace dialogue to resolve whatever we are not comfortable with in the Nigerian system.
“We hope that by the time we have a credible electoral process in place, a new set of leaders would emerge that would be sensitive to the yearnings and aspirations of all sections of Nigeria. That is what had been lacking over the years and the Abuja blast is a direct fallout of bad governance in the land.”


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