....It's dirty, wicked act by desperate criminals

THE SUN Newspaper- Juliana Taiwo

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday described the bomb explosions, which occurred near the Ministry of Justice in Abuja and claimed several lives as low, dirty and wicked act of desperate criminals and murderers who do not wish Nigeria well.

In a statement signed by special adviser to the president on media and publicity, Ima Niboro, the president said, coming at a time that the world had gathered together to celebrate Nigeria at 50, “these bomb attacks are the worst anniversary gifts any nation can get.

He said: “Their purpose was to ensure that the celebration at Eagle Square was cancelled by all means. It is sad and unfortunate.

“President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan grieves with the families that have lost loved ones in the incidents. The president shares their consternation and understands their confoundment, as they mourn while the nation celebrates.
“The president wants these families to know that their loved ones have not died in vain. Rather they have paid the supreme price for our unity; and in their death, they have watered the tree of our freedom.
“To those behind these vicious acts, the president wants you to know that you will be found, and you will pay dearly for this heinous crime.”

The gaily mood at the Eagles Square Abuja, venue of the military parade to celebrate the 50th anniversary, turned into panic when an explosion occurred very close to the entrance gate and where the OB vans of electronic media organizations were parked to take the event live, about 150 meters.
On stand B1 and B2, where royal fathers, some dignitaries as well as diplomats sat, it was panick galore, but efforts by security operates drawn from the police, the civil defence as well as the military tried to calm nerves and treat the incident as minor saved the situation.

No fewer than 10 persons were said to have died following another explosion. A official of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), who gave his name as Mr. Chima Obi, and confirmed the number of deaths, said eight persons were also seriously injured.

Eyewitness account revealed that the two explosions happened in quick succession, while the first was minor, the second was more devastating, affecting mostly those who went to find out what happened.


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