The Ijaw Monitoring group rejoices with the good people of kaiama as they witness part of the dream of their great son ISAAC ADAKA BORO who laid down his life for the survival of Niger delta regions.

Kaiama community is the Holy Shrine of the famous Kaiama declaration of the Izons and the birth place of our eternal hero Isaac Boro. For over 40 years, this historic town of Niger Delta struggle has waited to be part of the global village through electricity and during this period every Niger Deltan was carrying the burden of shame and guilt as we pass this community of darkness along the Warri port Harcourt world acclaimed East West road but today we are thanking God that NDDC has come to remove that burden of shame from our conscience as the Bayelsa government thought the Deputy Governor Chief Perebowei Ebebi rightly said the linking of the birth place of Boro to national Grid by NDDC is historical.

Now that darkness has given way to light, socio economic activities can step up in Kaiama. We are happy the sleeping community and its environ has woken-up to a new life and the untold hardship for several years will change for good as the world would soon register KAIAMA as MUST SEE TOURIST DESTINATION because of its greatness as the homeland of the first Nigerian to declare a republic (let my people go) Niger Delta Republic even before Biafra Republic was declared by the Igbos.

The outpouring of excitement we witness across Kaiama axis of Bayelsa state ahead of the commission of the project to link the community to national grid captures Boro revolution as catalysts of change although we are impatient with the Federal, state Oil Companies and local governments slow development initiatives.

IMG salutes Ijaw Freedom Fighters as the home town of our eternal hero Isaac Adaka Boro comes-up alive. We demand for the unconditional release of Henry Okah as a condition for peace in Niger Delta.

We condemn the Federal Government for not responding to the alarm raised by ASARI DOKUBO that his life is under danger. The silence on the part of the government indicates that the government that supposed to protect its citizens is behind threat to CITIZEN DOKUBO ASARI’S LIFE.


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