Tony Nwankwo

The South African Embassy in Nigeria will be shooting itself in the foot if it grants migrant visas to a small group of Ijaw youths adopted by the Niger Delta development commission, NDDC, to undergo skills and non-violent training in South Africa rather than utilize the funds to impart such training in Nigeria and benefit in a larger number. In a statement by Comrade Elijah Andrew, on behalf of Comrade Joseph Evah, the Ijaw monitoring group warned the embassy against allowing its offices to be used to alienate the people and defraud NDDC.

It stated that scheduling the proposed training in South Africa had again shown the commission as a body without due regard for the plight of the larger society so long as government money could be wasted. The group wondered why NNDC wants to spend millions of dollars on a few people when such amount of money could cater for a greater number of intake for the skills and non-violent training in their centers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Sapele, adding that a commission that had not fully empowered its graduates in those centres was planning to waste the little funds the commission can boast of in foreign land. “While we are crying everyday of NDDC under development, some dubious officials and consultants are calculating how to hijack the little that is available for themselves.

We are aware that consultants and their collaborators will threaten the lives of IMG members but we are waiting for them. We therefore call on the South Africa Embassy to reject the visa application for the jamboree trip to waste NDDC funds”, it stressed. “The present NNDC board enjoys enormous goodwill from the people of the region. It must be careful not to squander this good will because of some heartless officials who don’t care if the commission’s name is dragged in the mud as long as they satisfy their greed for unquenchable taste for free money”, it explained.


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