The Ijaw monitoring group has accused Chevron of a strong bias against the Ijaw in recruitment, training and posting of staff in the establishment.

In a statement signed by Comrade Joseph Evah on behalf of IMG, the group alleged that its investigation of Chevron method and style of recruitment. Training and posting of staff showed that they were deliberately mapped to make sure Ijaws were the least in the number of intake throughout the country, adding that even the very few taken are sent to areas in Chevron that they will never grow in the company as staff.

“IMG has taken the pain to investigate the company over the years and it is very clear that the apartheid system in those days in South-Africa was a child-play in the oil company. IMG can boldly say that Chevron hates the Ijaw people and we want them to change their mind”, the group said.

“We want the new managing director to change the attitude of chevron toward the Ijaw. Despite that the Ijaw is the Niger Delta and Chevron operates in Ijaw communities in the Niger Delta, the company makes sure we are irrelevant in their operations.” The group alleged.

The group called on the federal government to advise the company not a create problem for the road map to peace in the region.


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