Yusuf: Killed But Alive and Still Kicking

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Shortly before he was executed extra-judicially by the police, founder of Boko Haram, Muhammad Yusuf, was interrogated in Hausa language after his arrest by the security forces.

Yesterday, we visited your house, we saw lots of animals, livestock, injections and (whisper from another person, bomb making material).
Some material, what exactly do you need all these things for.

All these things are for my protection.

Your protection, but we have law enforcement agencies why do you need to protect yourself?

But it is the law enforcement agencies that are fighting me.

So why do you think the law enforcement agencies are fighting you. I don't know, but it may be to do with my belief in Islam.

But I am also a Muslim

That is why I don't know why you are fighting me. Is it true that you believe western education is a sin

Of course it is a sin.

How can you say it is a sin, the trousers you are wearing...

These are made from cotton, which is one of Allah's materials.

But Allah said we should seek knowledge, it is in the Quran, even the surah Iqra...

Yes but not the sort of knowledge that goes contrary to the teachings of Islam, any knowledge that contradicts the Islam is not allowed by Allah.... (not clear). Astronomy is a kind of knowledge but Allah has forbidden it .

But when we went to your house we found several things including computers and some medical equipment, are these not all fruits of education?
What you saw are materials used by blacksmiths, not western education, which is a different thing entirely.

So how come you eat good food, look at you looking very healthy, drive a decent car, dress well, you eat well but you do not allow your followers to do the same, instead you encourage them to sell all their things and survive on dates and water ,well?

It is not true. Everybody lives according to their means. Even amongst all of you, things are not the same among you. If you see someone in a nice car, he can afford it. Others can't afford it.

This wound where did he get it?

This is during the escape... (not clear)... Why did you leave your Mosque?

Because you people came to harass us.

But you sent your followers into what was effectively hell. Shouldn't you have stayed with them?

All my followers have also left.

They left to go where?

They left....

What of those who came out to fight?

Which ones?

So now where and where do you have followers?

They have all been scattered by law enforcement officers.

Where and where exactly do you have followers? Apart from those in this town, where else do you have followers?

I have followers in Bauchi, the police attacked them and scattered them, they are in Gombe, the police raided their homes and scattered them, some were in Adamawa, Yola, they were also attacked by the police. I have followers in Taraba, they were also attacked by the police, it was only after all this was done that we reacted.

What happened to your arm?

I fell down.

In this town itself, how many headquarters do you have?

We only have one, the one you know

What about branches?

We have branches in Gwange... (not clear).

How about your deputy. We understand you are well organised with Lieutenants and all, who is your deputy?

You do have a deputy, right

Who is he?
Malam Abubakar Shakauw.

Where is he?
I don't know.

Where is your mobile phone, why didn't you call him?

(Not clear).

We understand that you tried to escape along with a few other of your deputies, who are they and where are they?
(Not clear)

Do you have people helping you wage this Jihad, either within or outside Nigeria?

No, nobody, nobody at all.

Tell the truth

Nobody, nobody, Insha Allah... (not clear).

I understand you have a farm, somewhere in ... (not clear).


Now you have caused the death of some innocent people... (not clear).

Those who killed innocent people have blood on their hands, that is not my problem.

What about your followers that killed people?
My people did not kill anyone.

So who did they kill... (not clear).
Those who killed my followers... (not clear).

Where are you from?
I am from Yobe

Where in Yobe?
(Not clear).

What of your mother where is she from?

Have you ever travelled out of the country?
Just to Saudia Arabia for Hajj.

When was this?
2000, 2003, 2004.


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