Don't appoint valueless ministers, IMG tells Jonathan

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The Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG) has advised the Acting President, Dr.Goodluck Jonathan, to resist every pressure to appoint people from Niger Delta who will not add value to the life of the people in the region as ministers.

In a statement signed by the Chief of Staff of IMG, Comrade Andrew Elijah, on behalf of the group, the Ijaw asked those lobbying to become ministers in the new dispensation to return home and give account of their previous assignments in government.

“Can somebody help us remind the acting president that after his tenure, our region will not have moral courage to say that we are still marginalised? So, what manner of men and women is he appointing to represent us? Is he appointing people for friendship sake? Are people given ministerial position just to enrich their CV’s or for the fun of office? While others are already celebrating using their office to empower their people, none of our former ministers has returned home to tell us what happened in the last three years,” the statement said.

The group also said that Comrade Elijah will handle its affairs in the absence of the Co-ordinator, Comrade Joseph Evah, who has travelled out of the country on medical grounds.

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Ade says:
March 25, 2010 at 12:38 pmI have not seen any list of Ministers, appointed or proposed. I only make comments on principles. As long as too much reliance is placed on party nominations, the best will not be selected. Most of party nominees are political choices. Many of them will not be able to deliver the much needed advancement. They may even be intrested in making the money they have spent back, and even more. The quality of the appointees in terms of intellect, morals in handling funds, propensity for achievement, is what matters. But this is often ignored for political considerations. Quality should not be ignored if we want to make progress.
March 25, 2010 at 7:48 amNo matter what happen the FG has to been hander over to God all the churches has to go into prayers for nigerian to get better. whether ministers or not.
chijioke Uzochukwu says:
March 25, 2010 at 5:52 amDear Mr President,i know you are faced with great problems of serving or ruling a vast country with countless regional and religious groups,i really feel for you but like the saying goes ….EVERY PRIVILEGE ENTAILS SOME RESPONSIBILITIES…but one thing i have to advice you or suggest to you is to try very hard to write your name in gold,silver or bronze…i know you are smart and will choose gold..which will be great….now how can you do that…well there are many ways of doing that…
First….try hard and to appoint proactive advisers and minister who will help you in delivering the dividends of democracy to the masses…have you not been thinking why a country like Nigeria with her vast and seeminly endless natural and human resources after almost half a century of independence can not provide ..CLEAN DRINKING WATER,STEADY ELECTRICITY,GOOD ROADS,QUALITY HEALTH CARE,SCHOOLS,SECURITY,COMMUNICATION,JOBS and so on for her citizens….i assure you that the money spent since PDP assumed power could have gone a long way in providing most of all these if not all.
i do not need to explain the importance of any of these i have mentioned to the rapid development of any nation,you know then already…but remember you can make a change,yes a you can,please in GOD’S name make a change to the way business had been run in ABUJA…please touch the heart of the people…try to stimulate the economy by providing these things…they will empower the masses give them more confidence and purchasing power which in turn will raise tremendosly the standard of living of your fellow Nigerians…Just imagine the volume of jobs all these things will produce….the development of human resources…the Agricultural will be amazing…you will then be harnessing tremendous…goodwill…favour….security,,,happiness…fullfilment…greatness and so on…remember GOD whants to see what and how you can represent him! please do not forget that is just a stewardship given to you by GOD….wishing you Goodluck….Godspeed…Favour in your endeavour
Tokunbo USA says:
March 25, 2010 at 4:41 amNa wa oh! Nonsense
Dr. Christian OKPARA(Rome- Italy) says:
March 25, 2010 at 12:59 amThe lists of names that Acting President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan appointed as ministers to his cabinet really landed as an ATOMIC BOMB to Nigerians when the press released the news. Names of recycled affluent and influential families and individuals that does not even need to work to survive in their life, names of people that are already satisfied in life all round, family names that majority of Nigerians may wish to drag out in an open field and get shoot. Acting President Jonathan must be aware that our systems of RECYCLING UNPERFORMED individuals proposed and executed over the years in high positions have all failed us and we need new systems and behavioural patterns.
We knew quite well that the Acting President Goodluck Jonathan’s acceptance of the list of ministers with these questionable names DOES not demonstrate his political laziness, democratic inferiority or lack of service sharpness or public intelligence as perceived by Nigerians on seeing the names but to his compromise and submission cursed to the RULES of NEGOZIATION, goodfatherism, HIGH RECOMMENDATION,LOBBING, NEPOTISM for list inclusion of which he should have been COURAGEOUSLY REJECTED. Acting President Goodluck Jonathan should realize that the sacrifice he make today for the Nigerian masses to promote national reconstruction is the achievement which history will carry forward to make their future more meaningful and self-fulfilling, for nobody inherit political integrity and honour but it is built, generated and acquired through a true single democratic pathway: people- oriented service men and women and not SELF-SEEEKINING individuals as part of team. No nation can grow without PATRIOTISM.
Joe says:
March 25, 2010 at 12:28 amLittle did we know that Jonathan is an imbecile. No wonder Turai and the top security brass distrust him.
Joe says:
March 25, 2010 at 12:10 amIn an attempt to rubbish Igbo people Jonathan has mortally stabbed himself without realizing it. Jonathan go on with your one Northern Nigeria (GOWON).
D Kabila says:
March 24, 2010 at 11:51 pmAn outright replacement of ALL ministers might not augur well for the country in a space of about one year. It is a right move. The move is workable. It is realistic. The most important factor is a possible better replacement of the INEC chairman. Nigeria will have a breakthrough by that one action.Otile, I agree with you on Abacha. Nigeria had visible millitary dominance in Africa during the Abacha days.


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