2015 elections may be difficult to manipulate - Evah

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The Coordinator, Ijaw Monitoring Group, Comrade Joseph Evah has warned politicians in the country who are in the habit of rigging elections to desist from such malpractices.
Evah, who spoke with Hallmark in Lagos, declared that with the increasing awareness, the aftermath of such crime might be difficult to manage this time around.
"With the fuel subsidy protests of January 2012 and what is happening in some African countries, especially Egypt, the 2015 general elections would be difficult to manipulate", he said.
On the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State, the activist stated that the situation is an embarrassment to the people of Niger-Delta.
"What is happening in Rivers State is a clear manifestation that the political class in the Niger-Delta has failed the people".
Evah expressed displeasure over the inability of some religious leaders in the region, especially the President of Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), Ayo Oritesejafor to mediate in the crisis.
He lamented that instead of offering to mediate in the case that is at his doorstep, he was more interested in dabbling into Boko Haram insurgency in the country.
According to Oritsejafor, it is not normal for one to abandon his house that is on fire and begin to think of how to quench the one in his neighbour's house.
He identify poverty as the major problem facing the people of the region, which he said does not receive due attention from elected politicians.
"It is unfortunate that the religious class has agreed to work together to torment the people". He said every day, many people from Niger-Delta besiege his office requesting for some assistance.
Evah, who does not bother where the president of the country comes from, provided the person can perform said the agitation by some people from the northern part of the country that it is their turn to produce the next president of the country is not a new thing.


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