Woman, 25, murders husband while asleep

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An Ebonyi man, Mr Onwe Nwogbagami, who had a practice of threatening his wife, 25-years-old Blessing Onyibe Nwogbagami with a machete each time they had a quarrel has had his life cut short by the spouse who could no longer take the threats with wifely humility.

Following the tragic incident, the couple’s young baby would now grow up without knowing the love of her parents if the mother is eventually convicted, jailed or possibly hanged for the alleged crime.

Blessing was arrested by the Ebonyi State Police Command after killing her husband on October 13, 2014 with his ma­chete at Ojegbe Amike Ugbodo, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

On the fateful day, Nwog­bagami had in his usual manner chased his wife with his machete after they had a misunderstand­ing, threatening to deal with her. Blessing ran out of the com­pound. The man turned back and went to sleep in an uncompleted building.

According to the Ebonyi State Police Commissioner, Mr. Maigari Dikko, Blessing came back, took the same machete and hacked Nwogbagami to death as he lay sleeping.

Dikko said she locked her husband’s corpse in the house for two days and then fled to the village of her husband.

When Sunday Sun spoke with her at the headquarters of the Ebonyi State Police Command, gave her account of the tragic incident. She said: “My hus­band was fond of chasing me with cutlass whenever we have misunderstanding. Whenever he brings out his cutlass, I will run out of the house for him. On that particular day, October 13, 2014, I had a misunderstanding with him and immediately he picked up his cutlass and chased me out of the house. Later he went to an uncompleted building to sleep.

“Then I said to myself before my husband will kill me, let me kill him first. While he was asleep I went to where he kept his cutlass and killed him. Then I ran to my husband’s village at Ntezi Nkaliki and told the kins­men that I killed my husband.”

On hearing the report, the villagers took her to the police station with her baby. Comment­ing on the incident, the Assis­tant Commissioner of Police in-charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Mrs. Justina Ogbodo said Blessing would be charged to court for murder. She also disclosed that Blessing’s baby would be handed over to Social Welfare Depart­ment to be placed in foster care.


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