Sylva berates guber aspirants over stoning incident

THE SUN Newspaper- Femi Folaranmi

Governor Timipre Sylva has criticised the gubernatorial aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for trying to take political advantage of the stoning incident during the visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to the state recently.

A group of aspirants for the governorship seat in the state ,under the aegis of Governorship Aspirants in PDP, led by Sylva’s erstwhile deputy, Mr. Peremobowei Ebebi had during a press conference in Abuja alerted the public to the level of insecurity in the state and threats to their lives.

According to members of the group which included Francis Doukpola, Dimaro Denyabofa, Imoro Kubor, Christopher Enai, Hinks Dumbo Beinmo Rufus-Spiff and Fred Agbedi, the stoning incident was a confirmation of the disaffection Bayelsans had for the Sylva government.

But Sylva ,defending his government explained that taking advantage of the stoning incident was the basest attitude anybody who aspired to lead the state could exhibit. He declared that trying to make political gain from the incident was the highest level of political immorality any politician couldcommit against a people he intended to lead.

Sylva, who was reacting to the allegation of the gubernatorial aspirants through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Doifie Ola condemned what he described as the base motive of the aspirants and likened their strategy to the approach “of the federal arm of the people’s enemies, who also tried to profiteer from the gruesome bombing of innocent citizens in Abuja on our 50th independence day.”

Sylva stated that their support for the incident and attempt to profit from it was clear evidence of the direction the attack came from. He said: “The attempt by the so-called PDP governorship aspirants to take political advantage of the stoning incident during the civic reception for Mr. President clearly points to the source of the attack. Paid and unpaid agents of forces of reaction attempted to embarrass Mr.President, the people of Bayelsa State and the Ijaw nation. If they thought the stoning incident was an attempt to disgrace Governor Sylva, they are mistaken.

“One would have expected these aspirants to condemn this needless barbarism. But, alas, they have decided to profiteer and take political advantage of the incident.Bringing the state to disrepute in the presence of visitors, including the nation’s highest political office holder, Mr. President, who happens to be a son of the state, is the lowest level anybody who aspires to lead can sink, however grave their grievance.”

Ola ,responding to the allegation of intimidation and violence said rather than described as the aggressor, Sylva has been the victim of violence which the aspirants themselves have attested to.


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